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Character Roster

Not the character sheets, but background material for characters - past and present.

  • Raven DuKassen - PF1 Bard
  • Hamin Carmine - 3.5e Pole Arm fighter
  • Jurz - 3.5e Goblin Druid
  • Wyn Roth - PF1 Cleric/Bard
  • Jem - Starfinder Mystic (Star Shaman)

Inky's pages - Inky was a character in an RPoL game many years ago, and these pages were one of my early attempts at creating material to support a character. I knew absolutely nothing about gypsy style caravans or whittling when I started - which is probably very obvious from those webpages ;-) The game is long gone and the page is redundant, but ….

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