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The Regions of the Empire

The Strongholds

This was my first game setting, written in the 1980s, it was hand written and lives in a folder on top of a bookcase - and there is no online version. However, it is central to the development of The Hann Empire, and it is home to The Raven King of Armes, who is one of the forces that holds the Empire together. Now it is part of the heartland, no adventuring takes part there, but its philosophies pervade the western half of the empire. Now-a-days it follows the gods from the 3e pantheon - although there are minor influences from the Pathfinder pantheon and a couple of home-brew pantheons.

Stilan is ruled from a large city, both Melange and Twabeck have small cities - there are a few large towns, but most settlements are market towns supporting a village based agricultural / rural economy. There are two large mining settlements, The Dwarven Deepdelve and the human Byrnie, located in the northern mountains. The Holy isle of The Raven King of arms lies just off shore and is home to a 'traditioanal ' bardic college that specializes in law, spoken word and skills - rather than the Performing Arts. Twabeck hosts the regions Magic College.

  • King of Stilan
  • Duke of Melange
  • Prince of Twabeck - the city state formerly known as The Complex - Home of a Magic College
  • Elector of Rostil Island
  • Elector of Westland
  • Elector of Byrnie
  • Clander of Deepdelve
  • Holy Isle (The Raven King of Armes) - Traditional Bardic College

The two settlements on The near Coat are also linked to The strongholds.

  • Prince of Angasa (Settled (and reconquered) from the Stronghold, never big enough to form a region of its own)
  • The Elector of Galina (Settled (and reconquered) from the Angasa, perhaps the start of something new)

The Tannery States

The Tannery States were designed to support the birthday game, set in Berhof. Berhof actually set on Telida's mountain spine, and it a good few days travel from any of the tannery States, but it is 'owned' by The Duke of Krote - it is currently an active gaming area. I needed a 'shopping area, an absentee ruler, some elves and a strong temple of Iomedae for the Birthday Game - The Tannery provided all of that.

Ruled from a central metropolis, built around an island where the three main states meet, Tannery City is really three separate cities rolled into one massive settlement. The High-Priest of Abadar oversees the metropolis and relations between the various states. Like most of the empire, The Tannery States are bound together by a series of trade treaties and understandings - that are also managed by the High-Priest of Abadar. There are numerous small states, surrounding the three largest ones, that are part of the Tannery system. These smaller states are 'owned' by lesser lords, support a mainly rural economy and are ruled from a castle in the regions main town.

Tannery City is also home to the region's largest and, most influential, magic college. Tannery City sits on a river that is not navigable by seagoing vessels, so Faran, a small offshore city, provides the main trade link to the rest of The Empire.

Not much is known about the Elves.

  • King of Serise (A large agricultural state west of the city) - Home of a Magic College
  • Duke of Krote (A large agricultural state north of the city)
  • Duke of Momir (A large agricultural state south of the city)
  • Prince of The Faran Islands (A string of rocky islands along the coast - with one small Port city and many fishing villages)
  • The Elf Lord of Holdren Forest (Elector)


Urgon was written as a base for three RPoL games set in the 3e era. One game saw a party travelling along the mountain road, deep into the countryside, the other main game was based in the Duchy of Falmar, the third was a short spin-off game using character based on NPC classes. It was the first set of games where I really experimented with players running secondary NPC characters. The Church of Urgon has survived almost intact.

When the Wangate Empire attacked The Strongholds, a force was sent to Urgon to claim the land, build a place of shelter, and to provide a base for a fight back. While that plan needed the intervention of the Mountain tribes attacking Wangate, eventually some of the troops from Urgon were able to return and help drive the Wangate Conquerors away from their ancestral home.

Originally there were three main parties – A military group, led by Raban Koors, a junior member of the Royal House of Stilan, a merchant fleet to carry people and supplies, led by a successful merchant called Karl Bentner and a rag tag group of refugees made up from the various states of the strongholds, and often led by junior members of a noble family. It was a long drawn and out process, but eventually the new Kindom of Gonma and the The Arch-Duchy of Laroy were created. There were other states originally but they have since been absorbed into Gonma.

Two other principalities were formed - based on the old principle of great reward for great military leaders The principalities of Rebul and Falmar were founded, partly as a reward for a general fighting off an enemy, but also as a practical way of stopping up the gaps that the enemy had used to attack .

The following rulers are recognised within the Hann Empire.

  • King of Gonma
  • Duke of Laroy
  • Prince of Rebul
  • Prince of Falmar
  • Clander of The Harkness Clanholds (Elector)
  • The Elf Lord of Holdren Forest (Elector)

The Far Coast States

This region was built in the 1st ed / 2nd ed era to support a couple of games that I ran. I had run a group in an Al Quadim game and that influence overflowed into the world design to give it a slightly different flavour. Most of one game was set in a small region called lower Smokey, which isn't large enough to feature in The empire proper, but was the original source of The old gods and the Family Clan leaders. the second game was based in the Razardi islands and was based around sea transport and (in part) the conflict between different cultures. Some of these states were originally known as the Great lake states - but over time some states have disappeared and the others brought under one larger umbrella.

Sybarite is the main city, and was the main shopping centre, it saw very little real game time. Bime was used more, and was the original multi-cultural area, and hosts the regions main magic school. Jekleal is probaly the most 'zacharan' of the mainland states and hosts a Bardic College. Culturally Razadi is probably 50/50 Zacharan / Hann. The whole area is fairly rustic when compared to the heart of the Empire, and is the region where The Old Gods are strongest (but still one of the lesser religions).

To make my life a bit easier if this area is reopened for game play, and to make religious systems more consistent, the original Zacharan gods have been replaced by deities from the PF Osiron pantheon.

  • The Duke of Sybarite. (inland nation)
  • Prince Hardin of Bime (Coastal City State) - Magic Academy
  • Samia, Elector of Jekleal (Coastal state without a city) Bardic College
  • House Alfson. Elector of The Razardi Islands.
  • Clander of Rockhome (Elector, Dwarven minehold)

East Telida

Like The Tannery States this area was primarily written to support The Birthday Game. I needed somewhere for a mountain pass to go, and I needed a less civilized area to support a character concept. That said, I don't think any of the characters have ever visited it - apart from in their backstory. Port Elizabeth goes back a very long way to parts of the Zacharan game I ran, but served as the host environment for a long weekend of playing in The Birthday Game. It was also the site of the original FFTC office - many years ago.

Think of the mainland states as proudly independent, but with ancestral and trade links to the rest of The Empire. Port Elizabeth is the archetypical trade town set between two main cultures - it has a truly mixed Zacharan / Hann (Mixed Telida) culture and is set on a very uncivilized Jungle island. This is the south/eastern Border of the empire and prime material for opening up as a game area later.

  • The Kapo of Holden (Elector)
  • The Clander of Belarum in Holden (Elector)
  • The Count of Terill (Elector)
  • Prince of Degal
  • Elector of Port Elizabeth (Really to the south of Telida, but is the main trade link with East Telida)
  • The Prince of Porters Bar.
  • Clander of Baraduum (Near Porters Bar)

The New States

This is an area that i have never played it. Finaroka and Porters Bar have been areas that I played with when I wanted to design something. Porters bar was a cooperative design project, where I got ideas from many people (on PlayByWeb), Finaroka was inspired by a trip to the Canary Islands. Paria, just because …. If every I run a new game, Paria would make a brilliant base.

Often referred to as The New World - this group of states have recently joined the Empire, even though they are not in the 'Hann Sea' and their populations are not dominated by the Hann People. Porters Bar has a very 'outsider' feel when compared to the rest of the Empire, Finaroka, probably has the most diverse cultural mix of anywhere in the Empire - and Paria is a Dwarven Mine Hold supported by a semi-barbaric town of mixed humans and humanoid tribes. Another excellent springboad for a new game!.

  • The Elector of Finaroka
  • Clander of Paria (Elector, Dwarven minehold)
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