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Religion across The Hann Empire

Overview - this was written as a blog post

The Green Faith - Perhaps the world's only truly universal faith, followers of the Green Faith can be found all across the Empire.

The Hannite Pantheon - a development of my main home brew pantheon … These guys might spread across the areas listed below.

Religion in The Strongholds - The classically Informal version of the Pantheon that was listed in the Third Edition players handbook. Each City town and village has temples to different gods. This is the basic faith found all the way down the Western shores of the Hann sea (except for in Urgon)

The Church of Urgon - A very formal version of the Pantheon that was listed in the Third Edition players handbook. Each city or town has a state sponsored 'Church' and most people would consider themselves to be members of that church.

Religion in The Tannery States - Dominated by Abadar and a sub-set of the Pathfinder gods, The Tannery States are held together by the idea that trade drives civilization.

Religion in East Telida - A less civilised version of the Pathfinder pantheon, that is dominated by Kurgess and Pharasma.

The Fateful gods of the Razardi Islands - originally deities from the Al Quadim setting, they have been swapped out for some fairly inoffensive deities from Pathfinders Osiron pantheon.

The Old Gods - a homebrew pantheon, who were patrons of the original Hann people. Rurally minded, they are the source of many traditions and celbrations.

The Temple of the Shrines - a homebrew pantheon of minor deities, patrons of travellers and traders, who are generally active along trade routes and in port cities. However, many of them are also associated with the world of the dead.

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