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Trade within the Hann Empire

The Great Merchant Houses

Large fleets owned by wealthy individuals (or families), whichoperate over a large area. They have a mixed fleet of heavy and light vessels .

  • The Bentner Merchant House of Urgon. (mainly trading in Urgon, Angasa and The Strongholds)
  • Merchant House Bayani of the Razardi Isles. (mainly trading in Zachara, Finaroka and the Far Coast to Urgon)
  • Merchant House Etta of Porters Bar (Operates as an Independent around Porters Bar - Port Elizabeth, East Telida, West Telida.)

Regional Merchant Fleets

These fleets operate locally and represent vessels owned by a number of smaller merchants working out of the same port. Most of these vessels are coasters of one sort or another - and some will double up as Fishing Ships.

  • Bime - who trade all along the South Westen coast of the Hann Sea.
  • Angasa - They trade northern coasts of the Hann Sea - from The Strongholds to Bime.
  • The Faran Islands (they trade along the West Telida Coast - up to the Strongholds and down to Porter's Bar)
  • Stilan - Most of the local trade in the strongholds.
  • Porters Bar - around the coasts of Telida.


The only fleet that operates from one end of the Hann Empire to the other. It is made up of a number of merchant houses who work together and give each other favourable terms to do business. The only reliable way you can get passage from Degal in East Telida, travel around the coast line of the Hann Sea and eventually get to Finaroka at the other side of the Empire. Once you get the end of one vessels raange, you are automatically handed over to the agents of the next vessel that you will Travel on.

FFTC started in Port Elizabeth as an consortium of three different groups working together, Although they were soon joined by Kassen and House A'Dair. House Marisi and O'Hare are recent additions to the consortium that extend their range across the whole of the empire.

The FFTC fleet is something like 85% coastal vessels, although they have a few heavy ships suitable for deep water work, if required.

  • The three groups of the original FFTC, based in Port Elizabeth (Zachara, Port Elizabeth, Porters Bar)
    • The Occidental Returnees Group (Represented by Flower Nightsky of Berhof)
    • The Free Sailing Company (a family based group of Zacharan Merchants)
    • Al-Sikak Trading (factors in Port Elizabeth)
  • Kassen Shipping, Based in West Telida (Porters Bar, West Telida, Strongholds)
  • House A'Dair from Porters Bar (Porters Bar, East Telida)
  • House Marisi, based in Angasa (Strongholds to to Gonma)
  • O'Hare Shipping, based in Bime (Gonma to Razadi) (the O'Hares are a halfling family with a well established, but small Merchant House)
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