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LopienForeven Sector, Reidain Subsector, Hex: 3227

Amber Warning: Caution Advised – Local conditions may impose danger or delay.

Lopiengeta lies in a high tension subsector between the two large empires, The 3rd Imperium and The Zhodani Consulate, and their two local protectorate powers, The Darrian Confederation and the Avalar Consulate. On top of that, it is a fairly inhospitable world, so it is a bit of a surprise that it has been settled at all.

Travellers Guide

Classification and Description - D86836(x)-4

  • Starport. Class D. Poor Facilities and limited to Unrefined Fuel only. No repair or shipyard facilities. ISS base attached.
  • Size. 8. Approx 8000m in Diameter (roughly same size as Earth)
  • Atmosphere. 6. Standard, breathable atmosphere.
  • Hydrographics. 80% water, 20% land mass. The land is in the form of jagged, mountainous islands.
  • Population. 3. Thousands. Approx 3000 residents settled on Main Island and nearby.
  • Legal. 6. Most Firearms prohibited. Shotguns are permitted freely, revolvers by licence.
  • Government. X. Council. Overview
  • Tech Level 4. Relies on wind and muscle power, although weaponry and communications are more advanced. The Spaceport complex is more sophisticated.
  • Trade: Poor, Low Population.

Natural World

Lopiengetta is a very habitable world. It has a reasonable gravity (.58g) a reasonable Day (19 hours) and a breathable atmosphere. While it is mainly ocean (80%) it has enough dry land to build on. However, it is subject to severe and turbulent weather.

The land is rocky, craggy and even mountainous in places, and is distributed as small, irregular clusters of islands. These island cliffs make a marvellous nesting sites for the many different types of seabird that inhabit the planet. However the exposed cliffs are not so good for plants, and the there is next to no vegetation, mainly mosses, lichen and a few straggly bushes.

The Oceans, on the other hand, are rich and full of marine life. The coastal waters are home to seaweeds, fish and crustaceans, as well as small marine mammals that the locals (unimaginatively) call seals. The deep ocean is less hospitable, although it too is teeming with life. Some of the fish grow to huge sizes, which are hunted by massive creatures known as Dinosaurs. The deep waters are not a good place to be, in a little boat.

The Climate is acceptable, if not ideal. The winters are cold and the summers are warm, but overall it is bit colder that desired. Turbulent storms happen regularly, although the weather patterns that produce them are predictable. However, high winds, lightning, rain and (in winter) snow are all possible. On a better note – very few people will ever get sunburn.

Notes for later

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