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Set off the Dragon Coast of the unexplored continent of Eprika, Finaroka is almost a thousand miles from the nearest part of the Annite Confederation - and it is nearly as far to the nearest city of the Southern Traders . To the south, another 400 miles or so, is the lone city of Porter's Bar.

Inner Sea

A Mediterranean like sea, calm, shallow and easy to navigate - and a marvellous place to trade. Although there are pirates, buccaneers, freebooters and all sorts …

Annite Confederation

A confederation of coastal city states, often set close to river estuaries, bound together by a common religion.


Think of a cross between Ancient Greece and Early Rome. Perhaps even a small empire ….

Bergrib Coast

Coastal Cities and small states - backing onto the badlands and then a desert. The main cities are ruled by a Grand Vizier on behalf of the God-King. - who resided in a massive Pyramid in the center of the city. The original Founders of the cities reached hero-God status - Their Immortality came when their embalmer/clerics turned them into Mummy Lords, their 'Dedicated Worshippers' are the citizens of the city they founded, the Grand Vizier is the head Cleric from the God-King's Cult - who controls the Pyramid Tomb. The citizens understand that they do not really want the God-King walking the streets of their city - which he will do if they don't worship and appease him. He (and his army of Mummies and Mummy Golems) will be turned loose if ever the city is invaded or captured. The citizens will flee, and return AFTER their God-King has returned to his Pyramid-Palace.

Other than that, they have the normal Hero-Gods present - as well as some sort of deity associated with money :)


Think of the way Western Society has traditionally seen Africa - Semi-civilised but lots of desert in the north with jungles and tribesmen south of that.

The Dragon Coast

The north-western coast of Eprika, characterised by high cliffs and an inhospitable coast line that is inhabited by various types of dragon - ranging from faerie dragons, through tazleworms and Wyverns to true dragons. There are, of course, habitable valleys and river deltas scattered along the coast.


A series of volcanic islands, each with a high central plateau and few higher peaks, although most of the volcanoes have been inactive for years. During the winter, the currents and winds come from the south, keeping the island temperate. However, during summer they switch, and the current and prevailing winds bring colder water and air from the north, stopping it from getting too hot. Because of the central mountains most of the rain falls inland and the coastal area is always fairly dry - although it is well irrigated by the streams a rivers that carve steep habitable valleys. Plants grow like weeds along the fertile coastal strip, although the plateau and peaks are poor growing land and, in some places, completely barren. There are next to no ore bearing mineral resources although a semi-precious stone called Olivine can be found at various sites across the islands.

Porter's Bar

A small city, established by settler/emigrant/escapees from a foreign culture.

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