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The High Council

The de-facto government of Finaroka. It doesn't meet frequently, but it is the ruling body of the state. It has the following members :-

Count Novajaro

Descendent of Sir Ricard Belane, de Fataro, First Count Novajaro and leader of the conquest. He was the nephew of a Prince in the Annite Confederation and was granted the hereditary title for his successful work out here. Originally just a minor royal, he now holds the most senior noble position in the Finaroka. Although, Annite terms, it is the least impressive of the ruling titles. As a ruling Count, the Prince is restricted to the titles he can award, with Viscount being the highest and most noble.

The Viscounts

The leaders of the Noble Families who provided support for the original conquest. Each house was offered an island of their own to rule on behalf of the Governor. How many Viscounts?

Arch-Bishop of An

Currently the Bishop of Novojaro. S/he represents the Church on the High Council and it was a requirement of the Sonoan's support of the original conquest. All of the recognised Bishops and High-Priests of the Church of An are part of a conclave that meets to agree local Church Doctrine and elect the Arch-Bishop. The Bishop of any Annite cathedral, can be elected as the Arch-Bishop. +Development Question


The Legate-General is Chief Judge and Commander of the National Guard. The Legate-General and his staff represent the aristocracy of Finuroka. There is a fairly complicated process where everyone of personal Aristocratic standing get to help appoint a Legate for each of the conquered islands and select a Legate-General to oversee the whole process. While assistant-legates mange to law on a day-to-day basis - the Legates or the Legate-General always deal with aristocratic legal cases. The National Guard are a a small armed force who protect the legates and can move to enforce their judgements, if required.

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