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Basic History

Use the Seignorial conquest of the Canary Islands as the base model.

These marvelous islands once known about for years, but are on the very edge of the 'Known World' and known as Finaroka . They have been visited by many Anopesans who came as explorers. The islands provided a end point - a few tens of miles off of the coast of a foreign and savage continent. It was full of unusual and plants and wildlife - and populated by strange and uncivilised tribes - but had no gold or silver and nothing of any great worth which would make them of commercial value.

Then an adventurer, Sir Ricard Belane of House Fataro, a minor noble from one of the great houses, decided to settle here, and conquer them in the name of An. He sought the blessings of the Sonoan and was awarded the Title of Count of Novajaro and Governor of Finaroka with rights of conquest in the name of the church - so long as he spread the faith among the infidel. Priests and soldiers came from the church, and a couple of other noble houses sent their support, in return for lands and titles for younger sons. While he never said anything before, some have started to speculate that Sir Ricard knew about both Paria and Porter's Bar before he made his request of the Sonoan, rather than discovered them afterwards, as the official history states.

The Annite Confederation, is a largel area divided into a number of countries and nations - each ruled by kings, and princes - reminiscent of Europe. The one thing that holds the confederation together is their common worship of the Annite gods - There are a number of different sects, who argue among themselves, although they all look up to The Sonoan who is the guiding cleric of all the Annite faiths. The Annite Confederation is in a state of flux, the various kingdoms squabble amongst themselves, the Annite Sects argue with each other and the Northern, Eastern and Southern Borders are subject to attack from other great powers. Think of Western Europe with the Barbary Coast to the south, a Romano-Greek Empire to the east and Celtic-Norsemen to the north - because of this they are not interested (yet) in serious state wide colonisation. However, there are plenty of people who want a new start in life - including some that are able to raise enough money to assist in the conquest.

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