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Cosmology, Powers and Deities


Cosmology - or how the world came about and how it fits into the Game Universe.

Original God analysis

The Powers - The divine hierarchy and a directory of known deities. This, more than anything, will always be a work in progress.

hero-gods - Those mortals who have achieved the status of a minor deity.


deities Index of deities.

takri - Goddess of funerals and travelers (TN).

Arth (NG) Patron of Hermits & Heroes and a symbol of Hope. You can read Arth's story here.
More : (Human, touched by the Phoenix).
Yarma (LN) Patron of Guards, Soldiers and Warriors. More of Yarma's story can be found here
More : (Human, absorbed the power of the Stone Spirit).
Bagmet (TN)The god of magic and arcane learning, Patron of Wizards. You can read more about Bagmet here
More: Priests: Shrines:
Way (TN)Patron of travellers and second chances. You can read Way's story here.
The Priesthood: Way Houses:
Gasgano (LN) Patron of Sages, Scholars and Monks. You can read Gasgano's story here
The Priesthood:

the_old_lords - Pseudo Celtic / Native American - The Pantheon is TN - with CG overtones. Six semi-independent deities that are worshiped together.

Pantheons to rework

Nature Worship - The Green Faith

The Annite Faith - Followed by the settlers and colonists from The Old World.

The Wen - The natives found on Finaroka, at Porter's Bar and all along the Dragon Coast.

Porter's Bar - A settlement to the south, that has combined elements of a number of different faiths into their religious landscape.

The Bergrib Coast - A disorganised set of Trading Cities, all with a similar outlook on life. Think Barbary Coast

the_old_lords - Pseudo Celtic from the Telida Development - Add some Norse and use for the northern Barbarians, to give a Norse/Celtic feel.

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