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Humans(G) - Modern - settlers and colonists - the Driving force behind the colonisation. Most of the Nobles come from this group. Three (or more?) linked city states that work / operate together. They have small boat and coastal vessels - but no ocean going ships.

Halflings - Lower status Annites who came looking for opportunity - many worked passage as Seamen and became fishermen, others are farmers and servants. mainly commoners / workers.


Non-Clan Dwarves - Dwarves that have left their clans for some reason. Quite a few Experts - smiths, stonemasons etc. but also working in other areas too. A few military, priests etc. Congregate in Cities and nearly every city has a 'Dwarven Club' (Think Irish club in London) that is the social centre of all things dwarven (social / cultural stuff - not just drinking and singing the Gold song) and where everyone gets together.

Elves - a few - but enough to spawn a number of half elves. perhaps sent as Chroniclers, Sages, Experts, Spies, Specialist to record and report back to an Elven kingdom.



The Wen (N) - Neanderthal / Caveman residents of these lands. They cover the region but are organised in small family groups. The follow a variant of the Green Faith. They probably have an Annual Meeting where marriages can be made, etc. See Porters Bar.


Kobolds (LE) - Small groups, Underground lairs and only come out at night (Light Blindness)

Hob-Goblins (LE) - Small militarised tribes in their own fortified holdings - each ruled by their own chieftain. They squabble and feud with each other - which is probably a good thing. If a powerful leader were to unite them …. They rule a large part of the interior - with tribes of Goblins on the outskirts and and Bugbears in the mountains. (High Plains for hob-gobs?) Look at a Mongol type structure.

Orcs (CE) - Small family tribes that squabble amongst themselves in the foothills and in competition with the Wen - Use this for the mainland


Half-Orcs - a lot in the border areas - not really trusted - normally in the dirtiest and lowest status jobs unless they are adventurers.

Half-Elves - Those elven Chroniclers (Sages, Experts, Spies, etc) get about a bit :)

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