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In this world, many of the Humanoid races are genetically related, and arise from the same common ancestor (although we don’t have the technology to say precisely what that was. If that sounds too fantastic for you, look at this list on Wikipedia, then add in a number of powerful gods, some evil mages and a few well intended experiments gone wrong.

Human and their cousins (primary races from the bestiary) the common ancestor was probably some sort of small monkey ….

  • Humans
  • Halflings
  • Dwarves
  • Goblinoids (Inc Goblins, HobGoblins, Bug bears etc)
  • Orcs

Draconic Lots of races are associated with dragons - most appear to be degenerate forms of dragon spawn.

  • Dragons
  • Kobolds
  • Lizard Folk
  • Troglodytes
  • All of the Draconic Creature Type
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