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Regional Traits and Feats


  1. Clerics and anyone interested in politics should note that Formal parts of Annite Church service are conducted in Annite and the official laws of Finaroka are written in Annite.
  2. The local Common is a Creole of Wen and Annite origins. Speakers of either original language can 'sort of' make themselves understood at a very basic level, but sophisticated communications are out :)



  • Annite Cleric - Trait bonus Knoledge(Religion) +1 and Speak Annite as a bonuslanguage free.
  • Lesser Noble - use this for people coming newly arrived from the old world and who want to be associated with a noble family from 'back home', members of lesser familes and those more distantly related to local noble families. Add Annite / Common as a second language.


  • Noble Scion - needs customising. Use for someone associated with one of the few known Local Noble families (Baron, Viscout, Count)
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