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A small town, mainly consisting of cave dwellings cut into the base of Enano Mountain, although there is a market square and a small fishing ‘port’ set at the water’s edge. It is one of the few safe landing places along the Dragon Coast.

TN with LE tendencies. Basic Demographics


The Dwarven Mine Hold has its main entrance on the Enano Mountain. It is defended by a Keep built into the side of the mountain as well as a barbican and outer gate. The garrison of the gatehouse look out over the town and make sure there is no threat to the minehold. Sometimes they will escort Dwarven Merchants into the town to deal with traders and specific requests, but generally the Dwarves set a fixed price, and visiting traders can either take it or leave it. While they are one of the smaller racial groups on the surface, they can call on huge numbers of reinforcements, if required.

The Town itself is small and extends outwards from the barbican. The town wall pierced by three gates provides the outer defence. Inside the wall, you will find an Inn, a Local Market, a Slave Market, warehouses and small temples as well as a plethora of small bars, local shops and a brothel. Outside the seaward gate there is a pier for large vessels and a jetty for the local fishing boats.

The Town, and the walls, are garrisoned and, and guarded by a company of Hob-Goblin mercenaries, known as the Izganik. Not only do they patrol the town, but they make excursions into the local area (the hinterlands) to collect taxes from the various tribes that live in the area. (Kobold, Wen, Hob-Goblin or Orc – they all pay their taxes if they want a quiet life, although some of the tribes think it is more like protection money. However, part of the deal is that members of tribes that have paid tax, won’t be sold as slaves without permission from the chief - so they all pay up eventually. The Izganik will actually send a unit to help protect local tribes from invaders, although there is a management fee associated with the task. Note . The Izganik are the third biggest racial group in Paria.

The road into Paria winds around each side of the mountain and passes through a number of heavily treed thickets and woodland areas, which is home to a tribe of Kobolds known as the Karif Petis. Like most residents of Paria, many of the Karif Petis have left their birth tribe . The majority are green skinned forest kobolds, who act as scouts, hunters and trappers. Nothing moves through their woodlands or along the road without them knowing about it. The Karif Petis are the second largest racial group in Paria.

Wen – Mainly labourers, farmers and fishermen around town. While the Wen organise themselves by Family, Clan and Tribe – there has always been intermarriage and movement between groups. These guys see themselves as Wen first and foremost, and still have some allegiance to their birth family. However, they all recognise that they are member of the same super-clan and pull together for the good of the race. Etc etc. The Wen are the largest racial group in Paria.

Orcs - Night Scavengers and labourers. Some clean up the town, others climb the local cliffs looking for sea birds and their eggs. They call themselves the Kut-u-Luka - although no one really considers them to be a single tribal unit. They know not to get close to the entrance to the Dwarven Mine Hold – or risk facing intense crossbow fire. One of the smallest racial groups in Paria.

Half Orcs – not favoured by anyone - the half-orcs of Paria hang around in a gang known as the Pala Boys. They are often found working in the bars and brothels or doing general labouring work around town. One of the smallest racial groups in Paria.

Other Humans – tend to run the inns, shops, brothels, markets and Brewery in the town. One of the smallest racial groups in Paria.


Half Orcs - While they are all called half-orcs, this is more of a cultural description rather than a racial description, it consists of Human/Orc Human/Hobgoblin and even Hobgoblin/Orc off spring. While many have the traditional Half-orc racial attributes, others have the Human-Raised or the Overlooked Mastermind alternate racial traits.

Town Analysis

YarmaMonastic House011-
YarmaGrave Yard011-
Order of Waypriory022-
Slave Market-----
Ware house-1---
Ware House-1---
mercenary barracks-1--1
Totals 1110118


Karif Petis = Draconic petisse = kobold[5] , karif = far[2] according to theDraconic Dictionary it translates broadly as The Other People.

  • palaboy (a word for Outcast in Filipino)
  • Kut-u-Luka (Outcast in Chichewa)
  • Izgnanik (Outcast inCroatian)
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