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Porter's Bar

Porter's Bar is an old development that was never used. It has too many good ideas (many of which were developed in collaboration with people at PBW and RPoL) to go to waste.


Porter’s Bar is a small city-state on an island close to the Eprican coast. A ring of small mountains (to the west) protects the central bay from the worst of the ocean weather. The mountainous Eprican coast is only a few miles to the east, makes the central bay a a calm(ish) haven in even the worst storm. A horseshoe of mountains and forest create the spine of the island, although the central part is nearly all wetland and swamps. Porters Bar lies on the most habitable part of the island – although even here, much the ground is damp and waterlogged.

The town, it is barely big enough to be called a city, sits on the edge of the swamp and cultivates the land between itself and the ring of forested mountains. Farms and small settlements dot the area, growing rice, cereals and beans as the staple crops. Small apple orchards and berry fields complete the agricultural patchwork. In such a compact area there is little livestock - poultry and a few draft animals – protein in the diet comes from fish and game taken from the swamp margins.

Local trade is with the Lizard Folk of the wetlands, the Dwarves of Baraduum and the Tribal Wen who still inhabit the forests.


A group of Outlaws, Bandits and Smugglers were forced to fleetheir homeland, under the leadership of Han and Lei Lung. After an eventful journey they finished up on this islan, where Han and Lei claimed the sea bar for themselves, and encouraged the ships' captains to take their crews further inland and build settlements. Almost as soon as they were settled the lizard men (who ruled the swamplands) attacked - but years of fighting had toughened Han's men to a point where they drove the attackers off easily. A few forays out into the swamps, with Han in his draconic form soon convinced the Lizard men that it was wise to concede this small piece of ground on the edge of their swamp. Before long, the security of this new-found establishment became known locally, and people from local tribes and villages drifted in to join them. Using their last remaining ship they explored the coast line, but perhaps the biggest bonus was discovering the Old Scragg Dwarves and establishing trade with them. Porter's Bar was born. Han, Lei, and the three captains Wang, Hong and Ding are remembered as the founding fathers of Porter's Bar.

Modern Porter's Bar

Porter’s Bar is a self-contained little city state, which has survived and grown under the guidance of their royal family. A section of the harbour set aside for visiting trade vessels, although Porter’s Bar does not have a trade fleet of its own. The rest of the harbour is given over to fishing boats that work the local bay and swamps.

There is a small commercial section and market in the middle of town with a couple of taverns and a decent inn. Travellers might also stay at the (much) more basic Way House down by the docks.

Porter’s Bar primarily imports iron, steel and fine clothes. They have limited amounts of Copper (from Banaduum) and locally produced wine to export. That is supplemented by Rice, and preserved foods.


Porter's Bar Notes

The Hinterlands

Mainly Farmlands growing Rice (brought by the orientals) Marsh Beans and Teff (indigenous plants used by the natives) as staples.

Three villages, one originally developed by a Ship's Captain - and now ruled by their descendants. Each has a specialisation

  • Wine - brewed from Vini-Berries and rice starch (think of a cross between Saki and rose wine!)
  • Cloth - basic skills learned from the natives and refined - Marsh Bean fibre is really versatile, it can be used for clothing or making ropes/string. Closest to the swamp.
  • Wood based stuff - closest to the forests they deal with the tribal wen and harvest trees for furniture, building, boat building, fire ffood etc

Agriculture Notes


Ruled by Dwak III, a descendant of the original Dwak, Banaduum sits in the side of Old Scragg nearest to Porter's Bar. It is a small community, based around an old mine. Many had left before the settlers came to Porter’s Bar, but now there is renewed hope – even though the best seams have been mined out. They mine copper, lead and tin on a regular basis and occasionally finding Azurite of a high enough quality to polish, in amongst the copper. The copper and tin are worked together to make bronze for every day use, while lead and tin are used to make pewter. They can make a very fine bronze (lots of tin) that is very good for mirrors, while they have another (harder) bronze alloy they use to make their own weapons and armour.

They export copper, bronze, pewter and azurite to Porter’s Bar and also have a minor trade in Keep-all and a black mineral dye. In return they get cloth, ale and cereals. They trade normal bronze spearheads and daggers with both the Lizardmen and the Tribal Wen in return for meat and leather.

Banaduum Notes


Kandar, was originally a pirate settlement just inside the margins of the swamp, inhabited by those who could not settle in Porter’s Bar. However, that brought punitive and the pirate activity was brought under control. Instead the Kandarians became experts in Lizard-folk lore and turned Kandar into as trading post. Now it is populated by a combination of humans and advanced Lizard-folk – it is still a fairly unsavoury place, but it serves its purpose in the trade chains. A mix of Lizardfolk mud domes and human huts, with residents who spend as lot of their time in the swamps, makes for a very simple life and means that Kandar is more like a semi-permantent camp, rather than a properly established village.

There is no tavern or restaurant in Kandar, so you should make sure that you are properly equipped and have enough food if you intend to stay overnight. Lizard Folks are primarily carnivorous and eat a lot of fish and meat. Humans, and other similar humanoids, supplement their diet with edible water-weed and water-nuts - as well as food that they import from Porter's Bar.

Kandar buys giant Insect Parts , Animal Skins and Water-Nuts from the Lizard-folk deep inside the swamp and trades them to Porters Bar for the basic things in life - weapons, ale, bread etc. However, both Porter's Bar and Baraduum restricts weapons trading anything other than arrowheads, spear heads or daggers to the Kandarians.

Kandar Notes

Tribal Wen

Some example Chinese family names

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