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Academic Buildings


Academic Developments
AcademicLibrary 21110000
AcademicMenagerie 21110000
AcademicMuseum 21110000
AcademicSchool 21110000
AcademicSword School {★★★} 3.51110001
AcademicMilitary School {★★★} 3.51110001
AcademicAcademic College {★★★} 3.51220000
AcademicZoo 42220000
AcademicObservatory {★★★} 4.51111000
AcademicBardic College {★★★} 5.51221000
AcademicMagic College {★★★} 5.51221000
AcademicMilitary College {★★★} 5.51220002
AcademicAcademic Academy {★★★★} 92331001
AcademicMilitary Academy {★★★★} 92330003
AcademicMagic Academy {★★★★} 102331100
AcademicUniversity {★★★★} 163441112


  • A Library is just a collection of books that can allow an untrained person to make a Knowledge check – although only to find the answer to easy questions in a field. Some Libraries (with books that cost extra) can add a bonus to a specific Knowledge Roll. A library might run a 'Copper School' on the side as a way of supplementing their income.
  • A Menagerie is just a small Zoo; most of the animals are pretty and innocuous rather than large or dangerous. It has both entertainment and educational value.
  • Observatory – complete with a telescope for observing the heavens. Generally of interest to those who study the sky - Astrologers, Astronomers, Navigators, Weather Watchers as well as Academics and Mages of all sorts.
  • Museum – A collection of Curios that is both entertaining and educational. It might be of assistance to some scholars, particularly when used in conjunction with a library.
  • Zoo – a collection of larger animals, some of which may be quite dangerous.
  • School – A school teaches general education until the age of 14/15. All schools teach reading, writing and sums. Some, according to the needs of their students parents, teach other general skills and philosophies as well as well.
  • Sword School, Military School / College / Academy - Sword Schools teach armour and weapons skills and don't (generally) teach a normal school curriculum.
    See this page for details
  • College – A finishing school for characters from from the age of 15 onwards, many incorporate a School for basic education, but are able to continue class or specific skill training. An Academic College specialises in Craft/Profession/Knowledge skills; a Bardic College specialises in Performance; a Magic College in magic and the arcane; a Military College in various military skills, styles and feats (2x Units Light Foot). All Colleges provide nice accommodation for their principle.
  • Academy – advanced education. See College for specialist areas. All Academies provide good accommodation for their principle. A military Academy is good for 1x unit of Light foot and 1x Unit of light Cavalry.
  • * University – The pinnacle of educational establishments – often made up of a collection of schools, colleges and academies. All universities provide good accommodation for their principle and founders. (University is good for 2x units of light foot)


Most staff and students live in the local community - staff can generally afford Nice accommodation with most students in either Average or Poor accommodation. Every academic building offers Average accommodation for staff - although a 'Furnishings' upgrade allows you to upgrade one apartment to Nice accommodation for a resident character.

Defence Points can come together to reward you with a Noble Title.

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