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Commercial Properties

Commercial buildings make money by selling goods or services. They don't make anything, but they sell all the goods and services a town's residents need. You will find some of these developments listed under other Classifications as well.


Commercial Developments
CommercialSerai 101000
CommercialTaldan Bath101000
CommercialMerchant Store {★★★} 1.501000
CommercialLocal Market1.501010
CommercialCaravanserai 202000
CommercialTaldan Great Bath202000
CommercialWarehouse {Large}202000
CommercialMercenary Base 201001
CommercialPrivate Guard Hire 201001
CommercialSword School {★★★} 3.501111
CommercialLuxury Store {★★★} 4.512000
CommercialShopping Court {★★★} 6.513110


  • Merchant Store - This type of merchant specialises in the bulk supply of commodities. Some might be specialists, such as a Cloth Merchant, a Wine Merchant, Weaponer or Grain Merchant, although manydeal with a range of different commodities. A combination of home, office, display room and store room to deal with the wholesale supply of commodities. The wealthy may well order or buy direct from the merchant – but it isn't for the likes of commoners.
  • Jetty – A Commercial Jetty is used as a base for fishermen and can support up to 6bp worth of Fishing Boats
  • Serai - Normally found on the edge of town, a Serai proves basic accommodation for mule trains and local traders. It has pens and food supplies for pack animals, empty storage rooms for trade and a courtyard for cutting deals. Although the Serai doesn’t really provide accommodation, many a small trader or farmer sleeps in the store room with their trade goods.
  • Shop – Normally a general purpose store, selling a bit of everything. They almost certainly have any normal item that costs less than 1 gp somewhere in their stock, and can probably lay their hands on any mundane items (including weapons and armour) that cost up to 5gp. If you want anything more expensive than that, they will order it in for you.
  • Warehouse – Used for the storage of goods and commodities.
  • Office - A basic office for someone who offers professional services.
  • Taldan Bath - Equipped with saunas and plunge pools, this is a luxurious way to get clean. The Great Bath even has masseurs and a pool large enough for lounging and socialising.
  • Local Market - Full of stalls selling meat, veg, fish, eggs (whatever is caught or grown locally) as well as other small mundane items and services. Think of a cross between a farmers' market and a basic street market – perhaps with a couple of buskers and a jobbing barber thrown in for good measure.
  • Caravanserai - Similar to the Serai described above, the Caravanserai is larger and can provide secure accommodation for the animals and wagons of a full trade caravan, as well as local traders.
  • Wharf – A dockside area that allows any size vessels to be loaded and unloaded. It can accommodate up to 25000 worth of vessels.
  • Stable - Basically a place for storing horses, mules and other similar beasts. If you live in the town and don’t have room to keep you beasts - this is where they live. They also rent animals out, but there is quite a hefty deposit.
  • Warehouse (Large) – Used for the storage of goods and commodities.
  • Mercenary Base - Somewhere for your mercenary troops to stay and train
  • Private Guard Hire - House Guards, Personal Guards, Caravan Guards, etc etc.
  • Bank – Exchange money for a credit note, get a strong box to keep your valuables (including your credit notes) in. Much safer than keeping them at home. Sometimes built as an extension to a temple of Abadar.
  • Sword School - a purely commercial sword school that trains all-comers in basic military skills. Good for training your own mercenary unit or guards.
  • Luxury Store – A single store selling a small range Furs, jewellery, courtiers' costumes, silver daggers, Objets d’Arte - etc. Clothes, jewellery etc must all be fitted to the individual if you want to be really stylish.
  • Shopping Court – A collection of high quality shops selling luxury items - often created from imported and expensive materials. Clothing is made to measure, jewellery can be made to order, statues commissioned - etc.
  • Magic Shop – A business specialising in the supply of magical items. Items are not made on-site, but the shop acts as an outlet for many churches, mages and smaller suppliers as well as buying items to order. There is always a good eclectic supply of magical items here.


See Residential Classifications for a description of the ★ rating system.

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