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NameCost BPSpecEconLoyStabDefenceNotes
Shop 101000 Somewhere to sell your goods. Most shops are general stores selling a range of products to make life easier for the people who live in there area.
Merchant Store {★★★} 1.501000 merchants stores sell a limited range of products and a run by a specialist. Examples include: tea merchant, Spice merchant, Wine merchant etc.
Local Market 1.501010Most local markets sell locally produced foods and other products. They cater for the everyday needs of society, with basic clothing, simple furniture and the main foods produced in the neighbourhood.
Luxury Store {★★★} 3.512000 An upmarket store selling better quality provender. It may have preserved food from distant places, better clothing, and masterwork equipment.
Regional Market 302110 A regional market pulls together the best produce and goods from a wide area. There are more sellers, and a much wider range of produce.
Great Market 503220 Stalls and small shops selling goods of all sorts, including some from different countries.
Shopping Court {★★★} 6.523110 The height of luxury shopping. A number of small specialist shops all selling up-market items such as furs, jewellery, court dress and similar items. Shopping for the elite.

Note: All markets contain a range of permanent stalls and shops, supplemented by local farmers and craftsmen selling off the back of carts, baskets or tents - and selling a huge range of products. Shops and stores are single, permanent, establishments selling their main product range.

A shop may develop into either a Merchant Store or a Local Market. Development is then (Local Market > Regional Market > Great Market) OR (Merchant Store > Luxury Store > Shopping Court).

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