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Clubs, Societies and Guilds


Guilds are societies for people who share common interests or skills. For example a Town might have a Crafts Guild that all of the towns Craftsmen belong to - a city might have different guilds for each trade (or group of trades). A stronghold might have a Miners' Guild, a Merchant-Venturer guild or a Wizards' Guild - they all come into this category. The Guild does a number of things. First it tries to regulate trades in its catchment area, some say this is to protect its members from competition, other say that it helps ensure good quality work. It also acts as a meeting place, a place for discussions, sharing and learning - so long as you are a member. Larger guilds provide a small pension for sick members, or their dependents and 'children of the guild' are often apprenticed or employed within the guild.

The same set of buildings / additions could be used to create a headquarters for any sort of organization. For example The White Company of adventurers might club together to build themselves a base in a town or The Legion of Ex-Soldiers might want a base for their members.



You can start small and add to it as you go - or you can go flat out from the very start -If you can get a hall, or Lodgings, kt can grow independently - but you need those starter funds. Remember the larger it grows, the more space it takes up.

Developments for Societies
ClassificationNameCost BP Spec EconLoyStab Defence
GuildGuild Hall201110
GuildLodgings {★★} 101000
GuildLodgings upgrade {★★★} 0.500000

There are often different categories of membership, and management roles might be restricted to senior (or wealthier) members.


  • Guild Hall – The basic hall that provides a meeting space for Guild Members. Initially it is little more than a meeting space, but it has the advantage that it can be rented out for functions and similar activities.
  • Offices – Somewhere for the guild officers and staff to work from. Staff will include administrators, caretakers and servants.
  • Library – Contains information on guild practices and techniques. Generally only available to guild members who want to develop skills - and then for a fee. For a Wizards Guild, this is probably a spell library - adds +2 to skill rolls associated with the purpose of the guild (Ie a merchant guilds library can add +2 to Profession Merchant - for decisions taken in the guild hall).
  • Museum – A collection of artefacts associated with the guild, its practices and its members.
  • Shrine – Sometimes it is good to have the gods on your side. (See Note-1)
  • Lodgings {★★} – Either as long term accommodation for members or those who want to stay overnight. It contains a mixture of very small individual rooms and 4-bed dormitory rooms.
  • Lodgings {★★★} - Adds a living room for members to relax, slightly nicer rooms a small kitchen and servants.

Note-1: Shrines

See Residential Classifications for a description of the ★ rating system.

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