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Defence Points


Defence points represent the number of people who will come to the aid of your settlement, if it is threatened, and represents two different groups of people. Each defence point brings you a unit of trained warriors, all with some sort on military experience, and a second unit of supporters and hangers on. There are very few exceptions.

Regular Military Units

A basic military unit consist of L3 warriors, equipped with light armour and weapons, who perform a regular role within your holdings. For the mass combat rules they are all counted as Light Troops. If they are employed by a settlement or state, these guys patrol the town’s wall and street and stand guard at the gates. As you build your forces up there will also be scouts to patrol countryside areas and light cavalry to act as messengers and patrol your roads, as well as marines to patrol your water borders. While they are soldiers, they are soldiers who have roles, such as policing, patrolling, border guard, coast guard) that affect civilians. This concept is still in use today.

Homes, mercenary barracks, some marine defences employ private guards, of one type or another – and are normally tasked with protecting something of someone. However, they are perfectly capable of fighting in an army if they need to, and are normally committed to help defend a town or nation as part of the agreement between the ‘owner’ and the Local Lord.

Military schools and colleges are a bit different, in that their basic units and partially trained soldiers. They are composed of staff and final year students, who have had all the basic training, but haven’t yet specialised in any of the roles described above. They are still L3 warriors and have the same combat stats, they just don’t yet have all the skills and feats associated with their chosen career path.

Duelling Schools and Salons are a bit different as they don’t train soldiers - however they have enough Warrior or Aristocrat students that they can find a unit of trained people who are prepared to assist in defence of their settlement and nation.

Irregular Units

Every building with a defence value (regardless of type) comes with an irregular unit as well. This is made up of veterans, off duty soldiers, auxiliary staff and militia members. These guys don’t go away to war, but they will defends walls and gates if their settlement is attacked. While there might be a few warriors in the mix the majority are Experts, Aristocrats or Adepts, and they aren’t as well armed or armoured as the regular troops described earlier. Their mass combat Unit Type is based on L3 Experts, who provide an average skill set.

The Standing Army

A standing army is normally composed of Veteran and Elite regular units. They are L4 warriors and have better equipment and training than normal regular units and, under normal circumstances, don’t stand guard or walk patrol. They are kept in reserve and used in wartime or to deal with specific threats. For example veteran troops might be called out to deal with a PC class character who provides too much for the regular troops to handle, or be sent to deal with a marauding tribe of orcs. However, you should note that these troops are an upgrade and need more investment that Regular troops. It costs 1bp to upgrade a Regular Unit to Veterans and another 1bp to upgrade them to Elite troops.

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