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Light Troops

Light troops are all level 3 warriors, they share their basic characteristics but are differentiated by the peacetime role they perform. Light Foot are the main utility unit and come automatically with all buildings that have Def points. They might be used to - guard buildings, carry out countryside patrols, police a city, staff watchtowers, guard gates, patrol city walls, etc. Light Cavalry are messengers and fast scouts.

  • Settlement Watchtowers and Walls come with Town Guards - their troops can't be upgraded.
  • Wilderness Watchtowers, Base Camps, large camps and Redoubts all come with Scouts - their troops can't be upgraded.
  • Forts come with a unit of Town Guards and another of either Scouts or Light Cavalry - their troops can't be upgraded.
  • Residential Properties and Mercenary Bases come with Private Guards - their troops can be upgraded.
  • All other buildings can start with any type of light troops - their troops can be upgraded.
  • Military Jetties do not start with any troops, but may house up to six marine troops added as further developments.
  • Light Troops are built using the Standard Troop Template.
  • Cavalry Troops must have the Cavalry Troops Template applied as well.

Troop Descriptions (Unit)

Light Foot (Unit)

Light Cavalry (Unit)

Individual Troop Types

Light Troops are built using the Standard Troop Template.

Basic Troops

Sell Sword (Basic Warrior)

State Troops

State troops are the troop type that you would expect to find patrolling in towns, city and countryside, on behalf of the state and form the basis of their standing army. There is no requirement for independent cities or landowners to use these models, however, unless you specify it somewhere, these are the default. Private estates (such as a Noble's holdings) are often patrolled by Private guards, rather than State Troops.

Chasseurs (Light Cavalry)

Town Guard (Light Foot)

Scout (Light Foot)

Marine (Light Foot)

Private Troops

Standard troop types that anyone can train or employ, but are not employed by the state. Most are employed by Nobles or other wealthy members of society. The might be house guards, caravan guards, mercenaries - or serve in other roles.

Private Guard (Light Foot) General Employment

Caravan Guard (Light Foot) Merchant Caravans with wagons

Specialist Troops

If you want to employ specialist, or personalized, troop types they can be added into this section. Please Note that these troop types can only be trained or employed by PCs who meet the appropriate criteria.

Pharasma's Crypt Guard (Light Foot) protects against undead

Duellists - Duelling Schools only

Aldori Troops

This category of troops can only be trained, or employed, by Aldori.

Aldori Chasseur (light Cavalry)

Aldori Soldier (Light foot)

Non-Human Troops

This category of troops can only be trained, or employed, by members of the same race.

Light Troops are built using the Standard Troop Template.

Dwarf Prospector (Light Foot)

Dwarf Stalker (Light Foot)

  • Halfling Dogriders (Light Cavalry) Note
  • Koblold Raiders (Light Foot) Note
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