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Be they students, retainers, new recruits to your order, or neophyte members of your faith, you have access to a small set of dedicated assistants and servants. Entourage Assistants are a role-playing addition, that may be used in RP threads, and sometimes even get involved in local action. While they may well have the skills (especially if they are running businesses on your behalf) they are not there to create loads of special gear for you - However, they may be used to 'assist' in various crafting and item creation attempts by using Aid Another.


  • Gandred is an Entourage Assistant to Sir Cyrus who runs a forge temple in Ringbridge. Using Gandred Cyrus's player was able to meet some new recruits in Restov, chat to them on the journey, and then get involved in a combat scenario when the new recruit had to deal with a Werewolf problem in Cyrus's town or Ringbridge.
  • Alanna is an Entourage Assistant to Marik, who oversees the trading operation at the Sootscale Kobold mines. When an adventuring group passed by the mining camp, and started to ask questions, Marik's player was able to interact with the group through Alanna, and get a bit of extra RP in.
  • Lolli is an ex bandit, who started her entourage-life as a travelling companion to Vik, she has worked for V&A shipping and is now nanny to the Lodkova-Sud household.


Prerequisite(s): Free at Level 2 for Campaign Games

Benefit(s): You gain a number of low level NPCs to represent your entourage. You may never have more than half your character level + Charisma Modifier entourage members. This maximun includes Entourage -Assistants, Entourage-Cousins and Entourage-Allies. Leadership Feat

Role: Entourage Members are not adventurers and have opted for a safer life in a support role, they have chosen, quite deliberately, not to fight monsters or wars for a living. If you take an Entourage Member into particularly dangerous situations (or situations that are not normal for their level and class) they may leave your service. Most PCs use their Entourage Members to manage their businesses, estates and strongholds and recruit suitable people. Note

Most Entourage members expect be employed managing your household, organization or business enterprises. A Divine Adept might oversee a chapel, an Arcane Adept might be your magical assistant or an apprentice, an Expert might serve as a Butler or Ship’s captain, while a warrior might oversee a contingent of guards. It is, however, perfectly acceptable to take a suitable Entourage Assistant along with you as a Squire, Personal Assistant or Bodyguard – so long as you leave them somewhere safe outside of the main area of danger. Ie – They can ride along with you, build your camp., look after your horses, cook your dinner etc - BUT you must always ensure that they are safe (perhaps leaving them to look after the camp) and expect them to withdraw from the scene of any major conflict. Note

Potential: Levels 4 and 6 are important to your most important Entourage Members. The Entourage build rules allow you to have a stat at 14 - advancing to level 4 lets you increase that to 15. At Level 6 the entourage can start taking levels in a Prestige classes - so longs as they can meet all the prerequisites.


Entourage-Assistants are the people who help you run your estates and businesses, and are among your most loyal servants and employees. They will serve you loyally and faithfully and always look after your best interests. Many Entourage-Assistants end up running strongholds (or estates) for their employers, and you might want to bear the stronghold rules in mind when you design your Entourage-Assistants. Note

  • Recruitment: You may only recruit one Entourage-Assistant per level.
  • Starting Level: Entourage-Assistants start at Level 1 even if they are a replacement for someone who dies or leaves your service.
  • Advancement: Entourage-Assistants advance one level every Campaign Round, unless they are at their level limit.
  • Level Limits: An Entourage-Assistant will never have more than half the levels that your PC does, nor advance beyond Level 5.
  • Race: Core races. Anything else will need an awfully good backstory.
  • Class: Entourage-Assistants will generally have levels in the Adept, Expert or Warrior Classes Note . Commoners or Aristocrats will be an exception and need an awfully good backstory.
  • Build: Entourage-Assistants follow the rules all NPCs that are outlined on the Character Creation Page. Details
  • Equipment: Entourage-Assistants start with 35gp of personal equipment, then get an extra (Level x 35gp) every time they advance. You provide the basic gear to do their job. You can provide extra equipment, such as your cast-offs, treasure that can't be used elsewhere or that are brought for cash.


One step up from Entourage-Assistants, your Entourage-Cousins become part of your extended family. They have the best interests of the family at heart - but expect you to make sure that they are treated as part of the family as well. Entourage-Cousins are often assigned a Manor in your stronghold that they expect to be passed down to their children, although in a few cases they 'own' family businesses instead. If you die without a spouse or Children - your Cousins will inherit your estate.

Note: You do not need to be a member of a Noble House to recruit Entourage-Cousins.

  • Recruitment: Entourage-Cousins only become available when your PC reaches level 6 and you may only have Level/4 Entourage-Cousins Note
  • Starting Level: Entourage-Cousins start at Level 4 even if they are a replacement for someone who dies or leaves your service.
  • Promotion: You may promote one of your Entourage-Assistants to become an Entourage-Cousin so long as they are level 3. They automatically advance to Level 4. Note
  • New Recruit: You may recruit a new Entourage-Cousin directly. This will be an NPC that you know of, or have some other connection with.
  • Level Limits: An Entourage-Cousin will never have more than 2/3 the levels that your PC does.
  • Advancement: Entourage-Cousins advance to L5 as normal, but then gain experience according to the property they control. NOTE
  • Race: Core races. Anything else will need an awfully good backstory.
  • New Build: Entourage-Cousins follow the rules for Entourage that are outlined on the Character Creation Page. However, the use a 10point+1 build to represent their advancement.Details
  • Class: New Entourage-Cousins will have levels in the main NPC classes Classes although, under exceptional circumstances, some new recruits may be an aristocrat from a very minor family .
  • Advancement: At L6 or above, if they have at least one stat at 15, and the appropriate prerequisites, any Entourage Assistant may advance to an appropriate Prestige class (Such as Duellist, Sword Lord or Noble Scion). If you want the Entourage-Cousin to advance to a Prestige Class, you should read at this page BEFORE creating / promoting them.
  • Expectations: An Entourage-Cousin might expect to be given a small business, an empty Hamlet or an empty Village as their manor. All of them would expect to be able to build it up, so that they have a legacy to leave to their children. Note
  • Equipment: Entourage-Cousins have basic equipment worth 350gp. The rest of the WBL level is taken up below.
  • Bonus A new Entourage-Cousin brings one BP of gold, materials and influence to invest in your family's stronghold. A promoted Entourage-Cousin, who you have nurtured from L1, brings 2bp of investment with them.


Entourage-Allies follow the same rules as Entourage-Cousins, however they do not become a part of your family, nor do they add their income to your estates - they expect to develop estates of their own, on your land, as your allies. Therefore, any income from the Entrourage-Ally's businesses or lands must be spent on developing their estates for their benefit - although that can benefit you in terms of taxes, land control and balance. They don't expect you to spend your income on developing their estates.

Example: Lutz of Clan Stigmar, has signed an alliance contract with Marik Aeris. He has contracted his defence points to Marik (adding to Marik's defence score) and agreed to build a religious buildings in Marik's holdings (Thus helping out with balance across the estate). This is funded by income from his property that Clad Stigmar earn from the developments they make (ie magic items from the Religious buildings, or economy from any other developments). Both Clan Stigmar and House Aeris benefit from the arrangement.

Allies never inherit your estates, however, they expect their own estates to be passed down to their children. However, the Allegiance does pass down the generations.


  1. Entourage-Members are your most loyal servants, employees and allies - they go about their business quietly, in the background making sure that your life and businesses run smoothly. You (the player) are their voice - you decide what they say (and pretty much) how they behave. You could have one Entourage-member who is quiet, polite and unfailing does stuff in the back ground. You might decide that another Entourage-Assistants is sassy and talks back a lot, but still does the job. Or you could choose to have an Entourage-Assistant who always screws up - but you keep on anyway.
  2. You can find a Entourage-member for just about any role. If you want a live-in masseuse who provides benefits on the side, that's cool. If you want a Travelling Valet, Personal Assistant, Top Class Chef, Cushion Fluffer, Hair Dresser, House Priest, Minstrel, Business Manager etc - that is cool too.
  3. Entourage-Members are supposed to be a part of your main Character's in-game background and will rarely be more than a low level NPC. It may not be appropriate to use close family members who you think could become significant at some point - because as soon as you use them in this role, they effectively get taken out of the game. Someone who is a distant relative, a not-to-bright cousin, or a sibling you are prepared to have play a minor role in the game, is a better way to get family involvement.
  4. Entourage-members are still NPCs and the DM has the absolute right to take over posting and decision-making for them at any time. However, this will only ever be when you have taken them into danger, abused them etc …. (or as part of a plot point)

How do Entourages get levels?

All entourages advance one level at the end of each year UP TO level 5.

Then Entourage-Assistants stop.

  • Entourage-Cousins and Entourage-Allies may advance further – BUT they do it by gaining experience. This is the same process for my named NPCs such as Helga and Maril.
  • Every NPC gets 250xp per year. This represents their general learning etc.
  • NPCs with a Local Role get 450xp – Tib, who is bailiff for the leMaistre estates falls into this category.
  • NPCs with a state wide role get 650xp – Rikka and Borric (the main officers for Midmarch) get this.
  • Characters who controls property (Entourage-Allies) gets an extra 100xp for every BP of income.
  • NPCs who play an active role in a Fuzzy thread can get 50XP for RP. Although it needs to be a decent set of posts. In exceptional circumstances it might be 100xp.
  • If the NPC is in an active role, they may get another 100/200 xp per year as ‘pseudo adventuring’ experience. Helga and Maril fall into this category.

Optional: I give Borric, Rikka, Tib and Mia (who do most of the work to run Midmarch and the leMaistre estates) a share of the XP generated by BP from those estates. However, that means that Henry gets less XP and advances more slowly. If you did that for your entourages, you would advance more slowly as a result, because that XP would be assigned to the PC.

Advancement Example

OK, it is not very pretty - but pretty tables are complicated in this wiki :)

This is a straightforward example of how the relationship between a PC can develop into an Entourage-Ally relationship - and how the entourages might level up. It assumes the PC (Hobin) gets one level advancement per year. Things might happen a bit faster (two PC levels some game years) or slower (Two game years for a PC level) - but I think it is about right.

1Holbin daGaress, a Human Fighter, joins the game at L3 and goes off adventuring. Towards the end of the year he takes he takes Bagan Aigror (A Dwarf of the Golka Clan – L1 Warrior) as an entourage. The Garess Family have a long standing allegiance with the Golka Clan, and Holbin has known Bagan for years.
Holbin earns enough to set up a Tavern in the village of East gate, and Bagan stays behind to act as bouncer and make sure the landlord doesn’t rip Holbin off.
Holbin L3
Bagan L1
Holbin can have 1 Entourage
2Holbin goes out adventuring again, he earns enough XP to advance to L4, and enough BP to upgrade the Tavern to a Road House. Bagan spend the year working, but joins the local militia to keep his skills up to scratch. Holbin takes on Myra (Half-Elf, Expert 1) to help run the business. Holbin L4
Bagan L2
Myra L1
Bagan can advance by 1 level
3Holbin goes out adventuring again, he earns enough XP to advance to L5, and enough BP to upgrade the Road House to an Inn. Bagan and Myra continue working. At the end of the year, Myra can advance a level but Bagan can’t Holbin L5
Bagan L2
Myra L2
Entourages can only have half as many levels their PC. No new Entourage this time, there is a limit to Half the PCs levels) Note: With bonuses for high Char – But Holbin doesn’t have high char.
4Holbin goes out adventuring again, he earns enough XP to advance to L6. He has found a piece of land, in the hills just outside the borders that would make a good home, and gets permission from the Baron to settle it as part of the Barony. Holbin sells the Roadhouse and uses h the funds to start a small village. Both Bagan and Myra go with him. The baron builds a road to help connect the Village to the rest of the barony. Holbin is The Laird. Maya is the Treasurer and Bagan is the Magistrate. Holbin takes Brian (Human, L1 Warrior) and an extra entourage, reasoning that an extra pair of eyes around the place would be good. Holbin becomes a Knight in the Local Chapter.
Holbin L6
Bagan L3
Myra L3
Brian L1
This time both Bagan and Maya can advance a level and Holbin can have 3 entourages.

If Holbin had set up a March-Hold he would have needed to build the road himself.
5Holbin’s next year is spent adventuring around his new village and he earns enough XP to advance to L7.

Bagan Approachs with a proposal. His clan is prepared to invest, iand sign an allegiance Agreement, if they can settle in the hilly area next door. Bagan would run the settlement and would still be an Ally and good friend.
Holbin L7
Bagan L4
Myra L3
Brian L2
Bagan goes to Entourage –Ally – and can advance 1 level under those rules. Myra can’t advance. Brian can.
6Holbin goes off adventuring again earns enough XP to advance to L8. He invests his income to help grow his new village and Brian takes over as magistrate.

Bagan heads off to the next hex, with a group of dwarves who have been sent from home. They start a very small settlement based in some old caves, and set up a business quarrying stone.

The Baron helps by building a road between the two.

Holbin chooses not to take a new Entourage at the moment (even though he could)
Holbin L8
Bagan L5
Myra L4
Brian L3
Entourage-Allies can advance to 2/3 of the PCs level. Myra and Brian may also advance.
7Holbin goes off adventuring again earns enough XP to advance to L9. He invests his income to help grow his new village, and even invites some of his friends to invest in developments there.

Bagan’s dwarves improve the caves to make a decent home and the quarry starts brings in an income.
Holbin L9
Bagan L5
Myra L4
Brian L4
Brian is the only one who advances. Myra is stuck by the Level Limit. Bagan need to earn his own XP, and there hasn’t been enough yet.
8Holbin goes off adventuring again earns enough XP to advance to L10. His village grows to a small town.

Bagan’s dwarves start to attract some investment, and the village grows.
Holbin L10
Bagan L5
Myra L5
Brian L5
Both Brian and Myra can advance - but Bagan still needs to earn some more XP.
9Holbin goes off adventuring again earns enough XP to advance to L11. His town continues to grow slowly. He may well have built up enough Defence Points to be awarded the Title of Lord Dominus.

Bagan’s village is now well established, and he is seen as a Dwarf of substance. At the end of the year he is inducted into the Local Chapter as a Knight. Sir Bagan!
Holbin L11
Bagan L6
Myra L5
Brian L5
Bagan has earned enough Experience to advance to L6, but it will be a long time before he build up the XP to advance further.

Myra and Brian have reached their limits and won’t progress any further.

This is a brief analysis of the Accounts / progression - this was just Holbin's investment coupled with the the minimum that Henry and the Pharasman's offer to all settlements. Holbin could also have promoted Myra to entourage cousin in R8, and use the bp that brings to develop the town rurther.

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