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Entourage-Cousins and Prestige Classes

Not all prestige classes are suitable for Entourage-Cousins. Many prestige classes rely on of being really good in PC class skills, or being 'chosen' by a deity - and those just don't fit with NPC class characters who have opted for a quiet(ish) life. However, there are a few, listed below, that can work well for SOME Entourage-Cousins. However, choices are limited, as not all the PRCs listed below are suitable for all Entourage-Cousins.

Levels are calculated for NPC classes. Cohorts (With PC classes) may well be able to take the class earlier.

A very rough calculation makes me think that en Entourage assistant will get somewhere between 500 and 1000 xp per game year - so if I take an average figure of 750xp per year, I would anticipate …

  • Entourage-Cousin starts at Level 4
  • Advances to Level 5 in one year (as per standard Entourage Rules)
  • Advances to Level 6 six or seven years later (about 7 years after starting)
  • Advances to Level 7 after another ten years (about 17 years after starting)
  • Advances to Level 8 fourteen years later (about 30years after starting)

Advancement is slow, and it may be better to take a L6 PRC, rather than wait for a higher level class.

Level 6

  • Sword Lord – This is suitable for all NPCs with an Aldori connection and the prerequisites. Warriors will be able to take this class at L6, others will have to wait longer.
  • Noble Scion – This is suitable for a character of any class who has a distant relationship with a Noble or Aristocratic family and who has taken the Noble Scion feat OR the Skill Focus feat in Perform(any), Knowledge(any) or Spellcraft – and who meets the prerequisites. NOTE: Being adopted as an Entourage-Cousin meets the requirement of an Aristocratic link – as all PCs (as Officers of the Southern Order) count as Aristocratic.
  • Student of War – This is particularly suitable for more academic Warriors involved in teaching. The new Knowledge: Fighting Styles allows duellists to use their academic knowledge to help assess opponents duelling styles. It is also suitable for cohorts with appropriate classes. Warriors will be able to take this class at L6, others will have to wait longer.

Level 7

  • Duellist – Suitable for all NPCs with an interest in Duelling and the prerequisites. Warriors will be able to take this class at L7, others will have to wait longer.

Level 8

  • Master Spy – Suitable for classes that get a lot of Skill Points per level, such as Expert, and meet the prerequisites. Classes with few skill points to spend will need more levels to meet the requirements.
  • Stalwart Defender – Warriors can qualify at L8 - other will have to wait longer.
  • Green Faith Acolyte - Divine Adepts only. For a Nature Priest, Companion +1 counts towards the progress of their Animal Familiar.
  • Nature Warden – Divine Adepts only. The Nature Adept’s Animal Familiar meets the requirements for this class - however, their slow BAB progression means they don’t qualify until they reach Level 8. Other NPC classes can’t qualify.
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