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Magic Based Businesses


While other businesses can produce minor magical Items (often through mundane rather than pure magical abilities) the magic profession deals almost exclusively in magic. At the lower end of the scale it might just be magical components, but as the business grows, casting service and eventually magical items are added to the list of products.


Manufacturing Developments
Magical Components Shop11000000
Magical Magical Services (★★★)22000000
Magical Magic Shop (★★★)32001000
Magical Casters Tower (★★★★)62001100
Magical Great Tower (★★★★★) 102001110


  • Component Shop - A shop that supplies components for the manufacture of scrolls, potions and other minor magical items .
  • Magical Services – While they still stock components, the there is a thriving trade in spell casting services.
  • Magic Shop - This covers Components and Spell based services - but they also buy, manufacture and sell minor magical items. (an example is Marcus Magic from Restov)
  • Casters Tower – Similar to a magic shop, but also home to a skilled caster. Their apprentices often do the bulk of the work. It is able to produce mid-range magical Items.
  • Great Tower – Only the very best magical Families (Such as the Caratan and the Ventus families) can support a Great Tower. It is generally home to a high level caster, their assistants and their apprentices.


See Residential Classifications for a description of the ★ rating system.

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