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I know that Pathfinder has some quite sophisticated rules on Duels, and those for the core of my House Rules. Note, however that those are general rules of duelling, and are modified by the Challenge Duel rules described below.

PvP and Arena style games aren’t my thing, I don’t really enjoy the basic skirmish level war gaming that has become ‘combat’ in modern versions of the game. These rules will stop me getting irritated and annoyed, as I no longer have to watch duels nor wade through pages of pseudo-wargame rules. You will be surprised at just how many people manage to not quite read all of a rule and misapply it. Have fun :}

Basic Duelling Rules

  • For any duel you need THREE participants, two combatants and an Umpire. Before the duel begins, teach participant posts Ability scores in a Private Line to the Umpire)
  • Combatants roll their initiative and declare them, along with their actions in a private line for the Umpire.
  • Once both contestants have posted moves, the two private lines are made public and the move adjudicated by contestants and umpire alike.
  • I suspect that in most cases there will be agreement between the contestants. However, the umpire’s decision is final. Choose your umpire wisely.

Duelling Salon Rules

  • Contestants will strip to shirt and duelling trousers. (No armour is permitted)
  • Contestants will divest themselves of all magical items.
  • No contestant will be under the effects of a spell when they enter the duelling table, nor cast a spell before the umpire starts the duel.
  • All Duels will be fought using Duelling Salon equipment and may take any two items from the wall.
  • Aldori Duelling Sword, Falcata & Buckler, Rapier, Rapier & Dagger, Rapier & Buckler, Short Sword & Short Sword are all permitted)
  • Contestants may cast spells, once the duel has started. Spells used MUST NOT have any effect that reaches beyond the Duelling Table. It is presumed that most casters will restrict themselves to personal or touch spells. However, that isn’t a requirement.
  • Stepping off of the Table, conceded the duel.

Note: The walls of the salon are hung with a number of blades and bucklers for use in duels. Rapiers, duelling swords and falcata predominate, but also includes any light piercing blade, from the simple or martial lists, that is primarily used as a melee weapon. All weapons and bucklers are Master work quality, but are not enchanted. They are all partially blunted, and do 50 % lethal damage and 50% Non-Lethal damage. When the total of Lethal and Non-Lethal damage falls below 1 the character is defeated. However, the Non-Lethal damage has disappeared next morning.

Challenge Duels

  • All contestants shall lodge a bond of 3000gp with the Umpire. The bond is forfeit should either participant die as a result of the duel, in which case the bond will be used to resurrect the deceased contestant.
  • The winner will be ‘Last Person Standing’
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