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The Great North Road

The Great North Road (Local Trade Route) The Great North Road connects Lake of Mists and Veils and Lake Reykal - It is approximately 150 miles in length, connects Port Ice to Silverhall and enables trade between Port Ice and New Steven. It incorporates side routes out to The Garess of Greyhaven and The Orlovsky, connects Brevoy's two main external trade routes - the Lake of Mists and Veils and The East Sellen River - and is probably Brevoy's most important Local Trade Route. The Northern end of the route passes through land controlled by House Surtova and finishes in their principle stronghold of Port Ice. The southern section of the route terminates at a small town (opposite Silverhall) controlled by House Lebeda. In between there are many independent holding (mainly fortified villages) that provide safe haven and rest stops for trade caravans. While many of these 'independent' lordlings have links to major noble families, they are not actually a part of the family. There are, however, a few villages completely free of any tie to a larger house. The road, and the strip next to it, it are considered 'safe', although there is wilderness beyond that.

Smallhurst: A typical settlement of the Great North Road A fortified Village set on a low hill next to The Great North Road. The Local Lord ( Thomas Rowle, Master of Smallhurst) lives in a well-fortified keep, that has a village built inside its palisaded bailey. The village itself has a large ‘village square’ surrounded by tenement blocks, a chapel, a tavern and a general shop.

  • The Village Square is large enough to park a full trade caravan - two at a push.
  • The Tenements are all owned by Thomas, Master of Smallhurst and are rented out by one of his staff. Wealthier caravan passengers often take a single room for the night, while the crew make do with bunk rooms. Some rooms are rented out to locals - hunters and trappers (who bring in meat and furs) or market gardeners (who cultivate root vegetables on small plots of land locally). There are also jobs for ‘housekeeping’ staff at The Tenements.
  • The Tavern specialises in Game Stew, but also serves whatever ale or wine was available, at a good price, on a the last caravan to pass through.
  • The Shop sells all sorts on minor items, as well as providing a trading point for the skins and furs that hunters fetch in.
  • The Chapel is dedicated to Pharasma, and provide basic clerical services to the village, as well as reminding the villagers that they may get a better life next time the wheel turns.

The walls and keep are well maintained, although the other buildings are all a bit rundown, dilapidated and could do with a coat of paint. The Village Guard, garrisoned in the Keep, provide an overnight watch, so caravan masters can stand most of their crew down while they are in the village.++++

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