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Baron Khavortorov


Origins: House Khavortorov starte out as a minor Aldori house, but after the battle at the Valley of Fire decided too throw their lot in with Choral the conqueror. The made a name acting as guards and enforcers for house Rogarvia, and were rewarded with the title of Baron. Ironically, the land they now hold is in the same area as land they held under the old Baron Aldori - although it is larger.

Recent History: House Khavortorov have not been on good terms with House Surtova and when House Rogarvia disappeared without a trace a decade ago, House Khavortorov suffered a devastating loss in influence and holdings when Noleski Surtova took control of the Dragonscale Throne. The elderly patriarch, Arkza Khavortorov, passed control of the house to his son Sergei, and the family dug in to weather the storm. Arkza only survived a another year or so. Sasha, Sergei’s son, was just a young man barely on the cusp of adulthood when this happened, and spent the next few years traveling throughout the River Kingdoms preparing for the time when he would lead the family. It would be his job to oversee the family’s recovery.

The New Baron: Sasha spent time in Restov, Mivon, and the Valknar Gladitorial College of Tymon. His travels also brought him to the neighboring country of Numeria where he spent time with the Pathfinders and discovered a sizable piece of skymetal that he used to forge his adamantine dueling sword, Reign Bringer. Sasha returned to his home in New Stetven in the year 4708 AR, based himself in New Stetven became involved in the political scene of Brevoy. Sergei died a couple of years after Sasha’s return and Sasha, as the eldest son, became responsible for the direction of the family fortunes.


The old Baron (on Sasha’s advice) had already started to build alliances - he sent a niece with the Drelev expedition, hoping to gain some influence with Baron Drelev and his main sponsors (The Lebeda and Surtova families) . Lady Parevain Khavortorov had gained her experience leading guard patrols through the Khavortorov estate wilderness – and was more skilled woth a bow and shortsword than she was with a duelling sword - but she is a warrior Khavortorov to the bone. Sasha continued the practice of building alliances and support among his contacts, as he seeks to regain proper recognition for his house. Now he can count Lady Jamani Aldori, Viscount Rogarvia-Green and House Ventus among his local allies and it is said that he still has contacts in Mivon. The second part of his plan has been to develop his estates. Originally just a central Citadel with a couple of outlying villages, Lord Sasha has consolidated and has started to develop one of the village, Sway, into a small town that will be able to exert influence on the main road between New Stetven and Restov.


House Khavortorov are warriors and mercenaries. The most skillful are trained in the way of the Aldori, but anyone else with a military aptitude receives appropriate training as well. While the cream of Khavortorov forces are Aldori, the house fields mounted knights, swordsmen, scouts and guards as part of their military units too. Their citadel is little more than a large barracks and sword school, and their lands are always well defended.

Since the disappearance of the Rogarvia, there has been a slight change of emphasis and they have started developing other skills as well. Rather than being able to rely on their income from the king to support their lands, the Khavortorov have become self sufficient. Now they have farms, fisheries down by the lake and a burgeoning town out on the main road - all overseen by members of the family.


In line with the way they hhave made the best of situations by recognising the best way for the family to survive - the Family are very pragmatic followers of Pharasma. However, there is still a nod towards Gorum for his enthusiasm in battle and towards Abadar for his support in their business dealings.

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