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The Duchy of Stonewall – Home of House Medvyed


  • Origins – Like most of the people of Northern Brevoy (Issia) the people of Stonewall originated in Iobaria. Countrymen, traders and settlers worked their way westward through the Icerime peaks - some via the Maw of Karth, others though passes and river valleys until they were able to set up home between the borders of the Gronzi Forest and the Icerime Peaks themselves.
  • The Land – Sandwiched between the Forest and the Mountains and dotted with large lakes, the land is surprisingly good – particularly to the south of the duchy. Timber, pork and apples from the forest; Sheep, stone and a small amount of metal in the mountains; Fish from the lakes; and a narrow central belt that is good for mixed crop farming - which all makes for a self-sufficient community.
  • History – Different families and groups settled along the strip of land that has come to be known as the Duchy of Stonewall, each minding their own business and doing their own thing in their own little area. They traded and skirmished with their neighbours (as they had always done) but they mainly concentrated on defending their lands from the Orcs and Goblins of the mountains and the denizens of the deep forest. Between them they developed the whole strip. When Choral the Conqueror came - he made them organize. The largest of the families, the Medvyed, took the other smaller clans under their wing – and became the mouthpiece and tax collector who dealt with the Conqueror. Over the years, intermarriage between the families has truly turned them into one interlocking family - although the original clan structure still remains.

    The Medveyd were never a formal part of Issia, and never came under the rule of House Surtova, instead they were an independent colony. They had more to do with the Aldori, who passed through Medveyd lands as they travelled between their holdings at Restov and Skywatch - and the common worship of Erastil still, in part, cements that link.


  • Stoneclimb is the largest settlement in Stonewall and is the seat of the Medvyed lord, Gurev Medvyed. It is a fortified town of about 2,200 people. It had the following Buildings …
    • Stoneclimb Castle - home of Lord Gurev Medvyed
    • Traveller's Rest Inn - Not a bad place to stop, with decent food and beds for weary travellers. It is run by Reginald and Lelana Nervetti, along with their family. It is rumoured that the family have some strange magical influences in their past.
    • Home Farm - in the town's hinterlands it is home to Trevor d'Medvyed and his family. Its granary is an important reserve of food for the region, while the tavern and blacksmith serve a community of local smallholders and crofters.


  • Leadership - Lord Gurev, Duke of Stonewall, rules this area as High Chief. The is High Lord of the name for the whole Medveyd clan and senior chief of the wider clan. The Council of Chieftains - consist of the family Chieftains (who hold the title Lord of The name) and lead each of the sub-clans of the region. They are supported by the sub-Chiefs that rule individual villages and and strongholds, who take the style of Laird of Xxxxx (Village). Some senior Sub-chiefs hold the rank of Lord-Dominus.
  • Military Many of the ordinary people of The Duchy have some combat experience – it is a tough area to live and those who venture out into the foothills or deeper into the forest need to be able to defend themselves. (Need to build Militia / Auxiliary stats). Every town and village has a group of Light Foot (Skirmisher build) who offer security and chase away raiders and wild animals. Leaders are often rangers or barbarians who are trained in Forest or mountain environments.
  • Relationships -
    • Stonewall has a long standing involvement with the Aldori of Rostland. Their duchy formed a convenient route between Restov and Skywatch (long ago it was a second Aldori stronghold) and that good relationship continued into the reign of the Rogarvia.
    • The Lodkova have long been their primary trade partners, via the Icerime River that leads to Winterbreak bay. They don’t have any other close neighbours since since the city of Skywatch closed. They watch the situation in that area closely but have shown no great inclination to move against Baroness Rogarvia-Green - the self-proclaimed Viscountess Skywatch.
    • There is a long-standing agreement between the Zima of Meveyd and the Wolfeater tribe of orcs - that is cemented by marriages between the two groups. Half-orcs are accepted within the clan.
    • There is a second group of the Gurov based in the farmlands south of new Stetven.

Religion & Magic

  • Erastil - Deity of the countryside, farmers, hunters and small traders, is the primary deity of the area and informs all aspects of life. He has a temple in the main settlement of Stone Climb and a most of the larger villages have a shrine. Old Dead-Eye rules!
  • Abadar - Deity of trade, business and civilization support the community here with a Bank in Stone Climb - while he is recognized and welcomed as a deity, he is not loved in the same way as Erastil.
  • Gorum - hangs on still. His influence decreases slowly over the years, as peace and prosperity seem to be providing a better life for everyone. However, many of the lords and leaders still keep a Gorrumite house priest to offer them advice - which is then tempered by priests of Erastil and Abadar. And there is still plenty of skirmishing with orc and goblins tribe to offer some satisfaction and sacrifice to The Lord in Iron.
  • Witchcraft - In many of the smaller villages wise women (or men) take the place of the village priest. However, the witches are generally followers of Erastil or Followers of the Green. Traditional Arcane Magic does not flourish at all well in this remote part of Brevoy.


  • The Medveyd - were the biggest and strongest family (in the region) when Choral the Conqueror arrived. They pulled the other families together and act as the 'Face' for Choral. Over the years they have intermarried and truly built one great clan out of the different families. Their base is the town of Stoneclimb to the north of the Duchy, with a number of villages, running towards the southwest, that are local centres for mixed economy farms and smallholdings.
  • Clan Zima - are based in the mountainous foothills south of Stoneclimb, where they work the rocky slopes with herds of sheep and small mixed economy farms. In this dangerous region, towns are vulnerable, so the Zima live in villages with fortified villas or tower houses - most of which are served by a Witch, rather than a shrine to Erastil. While they have some economic input, their main value to Clan Medvyed is the security provided by their well defended homes and their love of a good fight. The Clan Chieftain, Angas Zima, (known as Lord of the Zima) is on the Medvyed Clan Council and he oversees the clan from a heavily fortified manor close to the mountains. The Zima have stayed true to their roots, and follow Gorum more than many of their clan neighbours. Indeed, their nearest neighbours, are the Wolfeater tribe from a nearby mountain. They both have a love of skirmishing and raiding, but ancient Goblin raids lead to long term cooperation between the Zima and the Wolfeaters, which is regularly cemented by marriage.
  • Clan Gurov - occupy an area between the woods and the great lakes and are a clan of Woodsmen, Farmers and Fishermen. The clan Chieftain of the Gurov lives in well fortified small town close to the lakes, but the majority of the people live in lightly defended farming and fishing villages. While a few villages rely on Witches for their healing, most have shrines or chapels dedicated to Ersatil.
  • Clan Rowanthal - Originally a troop of soldiers from the Army of Choral the conquerer, the settled in with and intermarried with the Clans of House Medvyed during the unification war more than two hundred years ago. They are disciplined soldiers, many heirs of the clan faithfully serve in the Army, however service to House and Kin always come first. Based in small fortified settlements along the river, they balance their duty with harsh lives and loud festivals at least once a month. So people compare them to passionate Ulfen people from which they descend.

Heraldry & Tartans

Medvyed Arms
  Medvyed Arms
Medvyed Tartan
  Medvyed Tartan
Zima Tartan
 Zima Tartan
Gurov Tartan
 Taro Tartan
Rowanthal Tartan
 Rowanthal Tartan
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