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Nikvata's Crossing

A fortified village to the west of Restov, that control's an bridge across the Shrike River, en route to the Varnhold settlement. Its residents are mainly tradesmen, hunters, fishermen, and trappers. - along with their families. Notable residents are:

  • Abbess Kara Ilarenika (Leader of Nivakta’s Crossing)
  • Irven Revanisu ('Mayor' of Nivakta’s Crossing)
  • Sheriff Lorin Kaven (Commander of the Garrison and Magistrate of Nikvata's Crossing)

Both the village and the bridge, in particular, are well defended - The Village is surrounded by a strong palisade, with twin watchtowers on either side to the gate. The gate faces the bridge - and there is another watchtower at the far end of the bridge. The bridge itself, is open to a hail of bolts and arrows from all three towers. Note Lt Porter is in command of the joint garrison and acts as village magistrate.

The village itself is dominated by a central marketplace surrounded by rickety tenement like buildings, that provide homes for the residents. The market is generally busy with people selling game, furs, leathers, hide, arrows, crossbow bolts, hunting knives, traps and all sorts of other country produce. Note

The two buildings of any significance are a small (stone built) monastery, complete with crypts, that is dedicated to the Goddess Pharasma. Abbess Kara Ilarenika, is a humble woman who has taken a role well below her ability, as she seeks to serve her goddess and she is the presence that controls the village. There is also a road house, called the Dog and Duck, owned by Irven Revanisu who styles himself as Mayor of the village.

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