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Who's who - Restov and East Rostland



  • Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius – Mayor of Restov Note
  • Advocate Jenessa Alston – City Councillor Note
  • Banker Kushisma Russino – head of the Temple of Abadar and Chancellor of Restov.
  • Senior Sword Lord Aldori-Porter – Head of the Aldori School and First Swordlord of Restov.
  • High Priest Ezvanki Keegh - head of the Church of Erastil and Moderator of Restov.
  • -
  • Senior Sword Lord Horatio Lebeda-Berain - Head of the Northern Sword Schools and City Councillor.
  • Senior Sword Lord Roger Goffin - Head of the Southern Sword Schools and City Councillor
  • Master Darain al Golka (Dwarf) – Master Smith and City Councillor.
  • Thonat Lettson – Independently wealthy. Businessman and City Councillor:
  • -
  • House Sellemius – Head:, Lord Mayor of Restov. Mercantile and professional legal interests. Note
  • House Alston – Head: Viktor Alston, Merchant. Daughter, Jenessa, is a city councillor. Note


  • House Solanus – Head: Swordlord Leonianius Aldori-Solanus. 2 adult children and various grandchildren. Siege Engineer, Stone mason and known Aldori supporter. Note
  • House Vallani - Head: Radan Aldori-Vallani. 3 adult children Mirna, Chesna and Alexi. Minor connections to the Aldori Sword School. Note * House Inverhofenbik – Head: Master Erkas Inverhofenbik (gnome). Large family. Jewellers of high repute. Note
  • -
  • Dame Velia Donzo – Well respected horsewoman and cavalry soldier. Runs the Courleon Livery stables.
  • Sword-Lord Heironeous Gibbs – Proprietor of Gibbs School of Swordcraft.
  • Magister Marcus Arolos – proprietor of Marcus Magics. Note
  • Magister Loreia Malutilus. Independently wealthy newcomer.
  • Mistress Ava Beron – Seamstress to the ladies of Restov. Note
  • Master Leonid Harbin – Tailor to the Gentlemen of Restov. Note
  • Kasper Seper - The only good source of household staff Note
  • Pietr Gosper - Furrier of renown Note
  • Xantian of Taldor – Restaurateur
  • Clan Silverhammer - Working a quarry in the hinterlands.


  • House Samuels – Head: Sir Charles Samuels. Independent landowner and farmer from north of Restov.
  • House Ondari – Head: Dimitri Ondari. Independent landowner and farmer.
  • Irven Revanisu - Landlord of the Dog & Duck and 'Mayor' of Nivakta’s Crossing
  • Sheriff Lorin Kaven - Magistrate of Nikvata's Crossing
  • Abbess Kara Ilarenika – Priestess of Pharasma and Town Councillor of Nikvata's Crossing

East Rostland

  • LadyJamandi Aldori – Countess of East Rostland and head of the Aldori Clan. Legendary ex-adventurer, mercenary and Master Duellist, claims direct descent from the original Sword Baron, Sirian Aldori. She really is the stuff of children's stories and Bard's Tales. Still in her prime, her rise to prominence started with the disappearance of the Rogarvians - and has allowed her to reclaim part of her ancestral lands and the title of Countess.
  • House Ledkno – Head: Sir Ferdinand Ledkno, 3 children. Independent landowner and Horse Breeder from East Rostland. Known Aldori supporter.
  • House Blain – Head: Swordlord Rudolfus Aldori-Blain. 4 children. Independent landowner and farmer from East Rostland. Known Aldori supporter. Messimarus Aldori–Blain is a scion of this house.
  • House Saltikov – Head: Ilyushin Saltikov. 2 children. Independent landowner and farmer from East Rostland. Known Aldori supporter.
  • House Greenhelm - Head: Sir Roger of the Green Helm. Independent landowner and farmer from East Rostland.
    • House Camerton - Head: Pyotr Camerton. Minor holding, a hamlet in The Greenhelm holdings. Recently sent the oldest son (Gwair) to train as a knight.
  • House Romanov - Head: Vasili Romanov - Holders of a farming hex out by the borders with West and South Restov.
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