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The Free City of Restov


Restov is an independent city of Brevoy, famed as the birthplace of the Aldori Swordlords, and the city is still host a huge number of sword and duelling schools. Much of Eastern Rostland looks to Restov for leadership. Farms and estates from across the region sell their grain in the Grain Exchange, while village breweries bring in their ales for export. Along with its duelling swordsmen, these are the main exports of the city. The city itself is surrounded by farms, most growing different varieties of cereal as a cash crop, although they also grow the vegetables that the city needs to feed itself. Fish from the river, chicken, rabbit and eggs are the main sources of protein - although most farms keep a cow or two so some milk and cheese is available.

There are four districts inside the city wall - Citadel, Merchant, North and Riverside. There are four outer wards - West-Gate, Riveton, and Newville, located between the north and east gates.

Visitors should be aware that the City Guard are only responsible for The Citadel. Order in the rest of the city is maintained by members of sword schools and private guards.

You can find general information about the city of Restov [ here] although the specific information linked below is more accurate.

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