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Costume styles for court

Military Style - Many military officers or duelists (male and female) wear a Short Waisted military dress jacket over a white ruffled shirt and trousers - trimmed with with a matching sash. The Northern Schools of Restov wear a black jacket faced with green, Aldori wear a black jacket faced with blue and Restov’s Southern Schools wear a black jacket faced with red. The Restov Guard, and most other military organisations wear black. Students and junior officers wear almost unadorned jackets, while senior officers and Sword-lords' jackets are heavily decorated with braiding. Wearing a Military 'rig' without the requisite background is frowned upon - and may well get you challenged to a duel. Followers of Iomedae often wear white jackets and some of the Medvyed wear a tartan kilt rather than duelling trousers.
Modern Style - Many fashion conscious courtiers wear short waisted jacket and Waistcoat (vest) with high waisted trousers or a full length skirt. Coloured shirts, with a bright Jabot are the height of fashion. Some women wear long dark skirts, some wear the same tight trousers as the men. Some Medveyd women from the more traditional Families wear a long tartan skirt, while the men often incorporate a tartan waistcoat or kilt.
Traditional Style - The more conservative men wear thigh length jacket with matching Knee Britches with white shirts and jabot. Women wear a traditional ball/evening gown. Men and women from the more traditional Medvyed Families normally try to incorporate their tartan within their clothing.
Academic Style - Some learned men and women choose to wear good quality scholar's robes over plain clothes. Normally a white shirt with dark Trousers/Britches/Skirt. The Robes themselves can be plain, decorated with arcane signs, or have the symbol of a Cleric's Patron on them.


  • Courtiers clothes are well cut, but are lightly decorated and trimmed. Trims tend to be in coloured cloth or piping. (Costs 30gp but needs 50gp worth of jewelry)
  • Nobles clothes can be heavily decorated, perhaps with expensive trimming that can feature pearls, gems and /or precious metals (Costs 75gp but needs 100gp worth of jewelry)
  • It is generally unacceptable to carry any obvious weapon except for a belt knife / dagger on formal occasions.
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