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2009 Region Established by Taldan 5th army of Exploration.
3000 Issia Start of Iobarian colonisation
3044 Rostland Approximate date of Aldori creation
3150 Issia The Orlovsky head for Issia when Orlov conquered by foreigners
3200 Issia Surtova declares themselves kings and rulers of the land south of the Lake of Mists and Veils
- Rostland Time of great expansion for the Aldori Swordlords
4499 Brevoy Creation of Brevoy. Issia and Rostland Conquered by Choral
4499 Mivon Aldori refugees claim Mivon as their own
4499 Brevoy Surtova and Orlovsky recognised as Noble houses in Brevoy.
4500 Brevoy Garess, Lodkova, Medveyd and Lebada start to coalesce into noble families
4502 VarisiaCousins War in Korsova
4606 Cheliax Civil War
4608 Varisia Founding of Magnimar
4640 Cheliax Rise of House Thrune and Diabolism
4659 Iobaria Mavradia abandoned
4667 Galt Revolution!
4670 Ustalav Rebellion
4675 Lambreth Lord Arnefax claimed Lordship
4687 Ustalav War without Rivals
4688 River Kingdoms Mosswater - Raziman attack on Mosswater fails.
4690 River Kingdoms Artume - King Drellis Artume is poisoned by assassins from Daggermark. Queen Sovella Artume promotes Bransen Waike as regent.
4696 River Kingdoms Uringen - The vanishing city of Uringen disappears the night before a planned raid from Pitax. The residents of the unmoved portion of the town are forced to defend at half strength.
4699 Brevoy The Rogarvia disappear, Skywatch closes itself off and a massive earthquake destroys Highdelve and the Golka Dwarves. Surtova Claim Crown of Brevoy.
4702 Pitax Castruccio Irovetti seizes control of Pitax from the Liacenza family.
4705 Pitax The first annual Rushlight Tournament is held in Pitax.
4706 River Kingdoms CORDELON - Foreign mercenaries take over the village of Bacul Gruii in the River Kingdoms and enslave its residents.
4707 River Kingdoms Uringen - The River Kingdom of Uringen starts to disappear and reappear with increased frequency.
4708 River Kingdoms Daggermark - Lord Martro Livondar seizes power in Daggermark, and commits to an era of reconstruction and glory. In the first week he survives three assassination attempts.
4709 Brevoy Baron Drelev sent to secure the East Sellen trade route. Maegar Varn sent to 'control' the Nomen Centaurs to the south of Restov. The White Wraiths sent to secure the Glenbon highlands.
4710 Brevoy Henry leMaistre's charter to establish a new colony to the south of the Rostland plains issued.
4711 Midmarch Midmarch Established
4712 Midmarch Tusk established
4713 Midmarch Tusk gains Town status
4714 Midmarch Tusk gains City status
4715 Southern False Civil War in Brevoy. Tusk becomes independent city state. Old Keep march-hold established. Aldori County of East Rostland created
4716 - ?
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