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There are a number of Trade Routes that impact on this area. The map is large scale and does not show national borders particularly well, although the most significant countries and cities are marked. The large H represents Midmarch, while the purple line across the river between Midmarch and Restov represents a pair of waterfalls that stop river traffic.

Clicking the map opens a larger version.

The Trade Routes

The Sellen River

(Main Trade Route) stretches all the way from the Inner Sea to the Lake of Mists and Veils and enables trade over a thousand (or so) miles. At the top secondary trade routes heads across to serve settlements, Cities, Towns and beyond. No one dominates this trade route, although the Surtova control access between The Sellen and the Great North Road that serves many of Brevoy's major houses. However, the Lodkova have a presence here as well.

The East Sellen River

(Secondary Trade Route) connects the metropolis of New Stetven to Mivon and onto the primary trade route of the River Sellen. The Lebeda and various Mivonese traders are the primary merchants working along this trade route, although the Surtova are trying to get involved as well..

The Pitax River

(Local Trade Route) Connects Pitax and Gralton to the rest of the world, and is dominated by Merchant Houses from Pitax.

The Rostland Road

(Local Trade Route) connects Restov to New Stetven with spurs for Brundeston, The Rostland Plains and House Khavortorov. Overland caravans are slower than river travel, and all trade has to pay taxes in New Stetven, so it is not a very prosperous route for traders. No one house or group dominate it.

The Great North Road

5) (Local Trade Route) The Great North Road connects Lake of Mists and Veils and Lake Reykal - It is approximately 150 miles in length, connects Port Ice to Silverhall and enables trade between Port Ice and New Steven. It incorporates side routes out to The Garess of Greyhaven and The Orlovsky, connects Brevoy's two main external trade routes - the Lake of Mists and Veils and The East Sellen River - and is probably Brevoy's most important Local Trade Route. The Northern end of the route passes through land controlled by House Surtova and finishes in their principle stronghold of Port Ice. The southern section of the route terminates at a small town (opposite Silverhall) controlled by House Lebeda. In between there are many independent holding (mainly fortified villages) that provide safe haven and rest stops for trade caravans. While many of these 'independent' lordlings have links to major noble families, they are not actually a part of the family. There are, however, a few villages completely free of any tie to a larger house. The road, and the strip next to it, it are considered 'safe', although there is wilderness beyond that.

Smallhurst: A typical settlement of the Great North Road

The Eastern Reach

(Local Trade Route) Combines overland and water-borne trade rout that links Orlovsky, Medveyed, Skywatch and the Lodkova to the wider world. It is dominated by the Lodkova although the Surtova have a presence here as well. This always saw less trade that the Great North Road, and is even less influential now that the city of Skywatch has closed its doors to the outside world. While little used the road continues along between the Gronzi Forest and Icerime Mountains until it reaches the eastern edge of the Rostland Plains and Restov. However, this lower section of the route is mountainous and more suited to mule than wagons.

Trade Houses


  1. House Surtova - A powerful Noble House who claim the throne of all Brevoy and dominate the trade route between New Stetven and the Lake of Mist and Veils. They also control taxes in both New Stetven and Port Ice and have a reputation as pirates.
  2. House Lebeda - Not only a Noble House with major land holdings and political clout, but they control much of the water-borne trade on Lake Rekil and they are the most significant trade house working the Trade Route south from New Stetven down towards the main River Sellen arterial route. They are the biggest trading concern in Brevoy by some margin.
  3. House Lodkova - A Noble House with significant land holdings, significant traders working the North East of Brevoy. However, their main trade route is a lot less prosperous than most of the others and they are the lsmallest of the three big Merchant Houses. They also have large fishing interests and have a minor reputation as pirates.
  4. Trade Houses of New Stetven - The lesser Trade Houses of New Stetven control docks, warehouses and Serai - and work the local trade routes as they can. Henry's family business, Delem, is part of this group.
  5. Trade Houses of Restov - There are a few merchant houses based in Restov, Black Fir (owned by the mayor) trades along the over-land route to New Stetven is the most successful. The others are much smaller. Henry's family business, Delem, is part of this group.
  6. Trade Houses of Midmarch - V&A shipping is the most well-known, although Yitis, Delem, WSM and Safiya's Boats are also active in the area.


It is said these four houses ruled Pitax in the old days - and they still form a large part of the council.

  1. Serpent’s Breath Trade House.
  2. The Darkwind Trade House.
  3. Riversong Trade House.
  4. Iron Fox Trade House.


Disorganised and small scale.

  1. Vysult Shipping.
  2. Mivon River Masters.
  3. Yitis-Ingirt-Aldori.
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