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Businesses and Organizations

The most significant businesses and organizations in the Southern Region have a presence in multiple holdings and settlements.


Business Organizations

  • DELEM (South) - Owned by House leMaistre DELEM has a presence in Tusk, Newgate and Westgate. DELEM (North) is based in Brundeston under the control of the leMaistre-Bowes, while Delem (East) was office in Restov and is managed by Ricard de leMaistre. They also have a presence in New Stetven.
  • V&A Shipping - Southern Region's home-grown Merchant House is owned by House Lodkova-Sud. and has a presence in Tusk, Ringbridge and Feyfalls. It also has an office in Jovvox and a presence in Mivon.
  • Winter Sun Merchants - Another home-grown Merchant House, WSM concentrates on local trade and is represented in Tusk, Ringbridge, Whiterun and Oston. It is jointly owned by Swordlord Domitius Aldori-Solanus and Sir Kendrick Winters.
  • House Yitis - An Aldori merchant house from Mivon, who have establishes a presence in Tusk. They specialize in the secure transport of valuables. They are also preferred, by some Mivon Aldori families, as transport for their mercanary units.
  • Marik Metals - controls the supply of metals within southern with access to Gold, Silver and Iron Mines. Details of their holding can be found in the Midmarch spreadsheet, under House Aeris.
  • Roths - The Roth family run the Dragon's Den and a brewery in Tusk, but also have interests at at Outpost.

Religious Organizations

  • The Church of Abadar - Under the control of Bishop Andalon of Tusk, the church of Abadar also has a presence in Ringbridge, Newgate and Kunlun. As well as the Cathedral, the church of Abadar owns the bank and a regional Market in Tusk.
  • The Church of Pharasma - Abbess Beatrix of Tusk oversees most of the Pharasman presence in Southern, although Ethankos and Marceline run separate chapters of the faith in Feyfalls and Silverton respectively. The Abbey in Tusk has subsidiary houses or graveyards in many towns and villages across the region.
  • Iomedae's Mission - The mission in Tusk provides military training and library services for followers of all classes. It also a presence in Kunlun.

Charity/Community Organizations

  • Three Ladies Schools - a charitable education provider started by Lady leMaistre, Lady Lebeda-Ondari and Lady Lodkova-Sud. While the schools charge a fee for education, that money is reinvested in more schools in different towns. It is an ambition of the charity to have some form of educational establishment in every settlement in the Southern Region. Donations always welcome.
  • Hooktongue Mutual - Set up, initially, to support the inhabitants of Litwin Cove (was Bogside) who took ownership of the community resources when they were liberated by adventurers from Midmarch. Recently they have shown an interest in the developments at Apple Lodge, as well. Donations and contributions are alwats welcome.


Both the leMaistre Family and the Solanus family have jointly owned resources, that are not recorded alongside their main possessions.

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