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Businesses, Organizations and Houses

The most significant businesses, organizations and houses in the Southern Region have a presence in multiple holdings and settlements.

Updated: Jan 2023

Trade and Travel

  • V&A Shipping - Southern Region's home-grown Merchant House, owned by the Lodkova-Sud, is Southern's largest merchant house. It's ships travel trades across the region, from Restov to Mivon and has a presence in Tusk, Ringbridge, Wyvern Bridge, Feyfalls andf Jovvox. It carries both trade goods and passengers
  • DELEM (South) - Owned by House leMaistre, DELEM trades across Southern - with holdings in Tusk, Newgate and Wyvern Bridge, as well as a number of smaller towns. DELEM (their parent house) also has offices in Restov, Brunderton, Sway and New Stetven, and trades all the way from Tusk to New Stetven. Mule and OX-trains carry trade goods and allow other travellers to accompany them, as there is Safety in numbers.
  • Winter Sun Merchants - Another home-grown Merchant House, WSM concentrates on local trade and is represented in many towns across the region. Its mule and ox trains criss-cross the whole the Southern Region - from Varnhold to Tusk and Wyvern Bridge. It is jointly owned by Swordlord Domitius Aldori-Solanus and Sir Kendrick Winters.
  • Vallani Trading - Based in Whiterun and Feyfalls, Vallani Trading is a significant presence on the waterborne trade route between Restov and Tusk, carrying both goods and passengers.
  • Lebeda of Silverhall - the main branch of House Lebeda (one of Brevoy's Great Houses) have recently entered Southern - with jetties and serai at both Wyvern Bridge and Tusk. They appear to be concentrating on this main route across the region, mainly carrying their own goods for transhipment.
  • House Yitis - An Aldori merchant house, originally from Mivon, who have established a presence in Tusk. They mainly operate a ferry and transport service around Tusk and Tuskwater - and on to Old Keep. However, they have the facilities to trade, securely, with both Mivon (home of their parent house) and Restov.
  • Roth Coaches provide fast, land based, travel between Tusk, Wyvern Bridge and Newgate - stopping off at all the other towns on the way.

Other Businesses

  • Marik Metals - controls the supply of metals within Southern Region, with access to Gold, Silver and Iron Mines. Details of their holding can be found in the Midmarch spreadsheet, under House Aeris.
  • Sisters of the Moon - The shops of Lady Solanus supply magical accoutrements in Tusk, Ringbridge and Newdawn.
  • Mordane Inns - With hotels in Tusk and New dawn, inns at Silverton and Ringbridge and taverns in both Apple Lodge and Wyvern Bridge - Lord Mordane controls the most significant hospitality business in the Southern Region.
  • Corn Hostelries - Owned by Lord and Lady leMaistre, personally, this chain of public houses are spreading across the region. Rumours are that they will concentrate on trade routes.
  • Roth Consumables - The Roth family specialize in the production and sale of fine ales, wines and spirits with the Dragon's Den Inn (Tusk) as their main outlet.



  • The Church of Abadar - Under the control of Bishop Andalon of Tusk, the church of Abadar has a presence across the region. Bishop Andalon controls a network of religious institutions, spread across the region, from his cathedral in Tusk. The churches business interests include banks (across the region) and a major market in the city of Tusk.
  • The Church of Pharasma - Abbess Beatrix of Tusk oversees most of the Pharasmin presence in Southern, although Bother Ethankos and Sister Marceline run separate chapters of the faith in Feyfalls and Silverton respectively. The Abbey in Tusk has subsidiary houses or graveyards in many towns and villages across the region.
  • The Church of Iomedae - Iomedae's Mission, in Tusk, provides military training and library services for followers of all classes. It also has a presence in Kunlun. Lord Kendrick of Tusk, has established the Iomedae Institute at The Roost, and a seminary in Sunsmarch, to train soldiers for the great war at The World Wound. Most of his troops finish up as foot soldiers, although he prefers to train light cavalry.
  • The Church of Torag - is mainly based in New Dawn under the control of Lutz Stigmar. However, there are independent establishments in Tusk and Ringbridge. It serves a mixed congregation of Dwarves and crafters.
  • The Church of Erastil - has better representation than you might think, although it has no recognized leader. It has a number of great shrines and holy houses in villages, chapels in towns, and even a couple of Holy Groves deep in the Narlemarch.


  • Three Ladies Schools - a charitable education provider started by Lady leMaistre, Lady Lebeda-Ondari and Lady Lodkova-Sud. While the schools charge a fee for education, that money is reinvested in more schools in different towns. It is an ambition of the charity to have some form of educational establishment in every settlement in the Southern Region. Donations always welcome.
  • Hooktongue Mutual - Set up, initially, to support the inhabitants of Litwin Cove (was Bogside) who took ownership of the community resources when they were liberated by adventurers from Midmarch. Recently, they have shown an interest in the developments at Apple Lodge, as well. Donations and contributions are always welcome.


The leMaistre, Solanus and Aeris families all have a range of diverse holdings, owned by individual members, which listed on the Houses spreadsheet. The Lodvova-Sud holdings are listed as part of the V&A spreadsheet.

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