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Ringbridge & Mound

Ringbridge, a Large Town, is home to Cyrus Lebeda-Ondari, Master of Ringbridge, and his wife Valoria. When Cyrus is away, Valoria rules in Ringbridge. It is an important strategic location, built to defend the bridge across the River Shrike, and on the trade route between Midmarch and Restov. The town wall ensures the population will be safe, while The Bastion defends the bridge across the river and there is a new farm in the hinterland to provide fresh food for the town.

The town of Mound, on the other side of the River Shrike, is part of Lord Lebeda-Ondari's holding.

Ringbridge and Mound are becoming established as the Wool producers of the Southern Region, as well as the home of Arcane Magic in Midmarch.

Updated June 2022

Ringbridge Main

Surrounding the Manor House,, The Main district is paved and serves as the Town's administrative and trade district. It is almost full, and contains ….

  • Ringbridge Manor: Garrisoned by units of Guards and Scouts, they are tasked with defending the keep and patrolling the local area, under the instruction of Marshal Zauria deLebeda. There is a villa, on top of the hill, that provides a high lookout point with views across the surrounding countryside. The hill has a set of tunnels that lead through to concealed escape point. Zauria deLebeda, Marshal of Ringbridge, lives here an commands the Ringbridge Garrison. She has a unit of scouts to patrol the hinterland and surrounding hexes, along with 2 guard units, one based in town and a second at Bastion to guard the bridge. They all wear the flag of Ringbridge as well as the Sword and Sickle Motif of Midmarch.
  • The Town Hall: Home of the Ringbridge Administration.
  • Ringbridge Court, dispensing justice for the whole area.
  • Public Works - Base for the town's maintenance crew.
  • The Public Baths: Lady Valoria's way of providing some basic services for the people of her town
  • -
  • Gandred's Smithy: making and selling a number of bespoke and minor-magic items. (+1 at most)
  • A Symphony of Swans: This Inn is known simply as 'The Swans' to the locals. Meals, from simple dishes to good, meals are available here. There are a couple of bunk rooms available for travelling parties or crews, as well as single and doublke rooms for the more discerning traveller. 'The Swans' has a highly decorated and carved door surround - featuring swans, roses, fairy's thimbles, harebells and bluebells and is staffed entirely by Halflings.
  • -
  • V&A Shipping: With a wharf, large warehouse, shipping office - V&A trade up and down stream, from Restov to Tusk and on to Mivon.
  • WSM Trading: With a Serai and Shop, WSM trade as far as Tusk and Newgate, as well as servicing all the local villages and hamlets.
    • The WSM Shop: Selling an eclectic range of goods from around the area.

Ringbridge North

The most prestigious district is Home to Lord and Lady Lebeda-Ondari, it has paved streets, the library and the town park. It is home to religion, magic, and professionals. The district has proved so popular, that it is fully developed, with no room for new businesses or residents.

  • Lebeda-Ondari Estate, A large estate proerty, that is home to House Lebeda-Ondari, the rulers of Ringbridge.
  • The Red House Mansion, home to Quinn and El Quinn M'Taro.
  • Ringbridge Park, and open space with grass, trees and flowerbeds.
  • Ringbridge Library: Provides lessons in reading and writing, as well as stocking a selection of books.
  • -
  • Ringbridge Wizards Guild, an association for Arcane Spell Casters and home to the Southern Spell collection. Overseen by the Lady Valoria.
  • Torag's House, A holy House dedicated to the worship of Torag, patron of Smiths and Dwarves.
  • Abadar's Great Shrine, dedicated to the promotion of Civilization and business.
  • Pharasma's House and Crypt, providing religious support to the community.
  • -
  • Quinn's Tailoring: A top quality tailor for all of your courtier or noble clothing requirements. Masterwork, Bespoke and magical clothing on request.
  • Silverstone Masonry: A new craft workshop, dealing in statuary, headstones & other tablets, as well as worked stone suitable for building. Masterwork, Bespoke and magical items on request.
  • Roses: A magic shop selling spells, small magic items, magical services and accoutrements for wizards. While Rose specialises in Potions and Scrolls, she has a numer of other (minor) imagical items for sale.
  • Umberweed the Herbalist: Herbal remedies - as well as cooking herbs and components. (MW)
  • Veeliker the Taxidermist: Hunting Trophies, or deceased pets, stuffed to a high standard! (MW)

Ringbridge Outer

The newest district of Ringbridge and, currently outside the town walls. It is starting to gain a reputation as a religious district, although there no zoning requirements.

  • The Town Granary
  • Public Baths
  • -
  • Lodkova College of the Performing Arts: Specializing in the Performance arts.
  • Three Ladies School: Providing a basic education for the children of Ringbridge.
  • Ringbridge Orphanage: House Lebeda-Ondari wish to ensure that all of their citizens get as good a start to life as possible.
  • -
  • V&A Market: Specializing in goods shipped from across the region, the market still makes space for local goods and commodities.
  • Solanus Wainwright: Making Master-Work and exotic wagons for the local community and beyond.
  • Lodkova Apothecary (MW) salves and potions of all sorts.
  • Cayden's House - dedicated to The Kucky Drunk, this Holy House sells ales and healing potions. Sometimes in the same bottle!

Ringbridge Hinterland

The Bastion

A formidible military defence built to the south of the town, at the foot of the bridge across the Shrike, which allows Sir Cyrus to fill his responsibility to ensure that the bridge is properly guarded. The commander here here falls under the authority of Zauria deLebeda, the Marshal of Ringbridge.. Intended for as a military site, it has the following developments :-

  • The Bastion - A formidable defensive structure, incorporating a fort and a watchtower, that guards the route across the Shrike River.
  • Solanus Guards - caravan guards, body guards, house guards for hire …

Far Bastion

Far Bastion is located on the far side of the bridge, and acts as a first line of defence.

  • Ringbridge Fort - A simple defensive structure, with troops to guard the route across the Shrike River.
  • Fort Farm - a small mixed economy farm.

The Farms

The Lebeda-Ondari Farms all have a mixed agricultural base, but specialise in raising sheep, primarily for their wool.

  • Home Farm is set in the hills to the close to town. Although it is primarily a sheep farm, it is also the site of the Ringbridge mill.
  • Pecora Farm is Home to Wilbur d'Lebeda, and nestles in the hills to the north of the town. Primarily a sheep farm with a weaver's craft workshop on-site..


Located on an old burial mound, south-east of Ringbridge, Mound is a small town that marks the Lebeda-Ondari's first expansion of their holdings.

  • Villa Lebeda - country home for Zauria lebeda, Marshal of Ringbridge.
  • Mound Fort - Defensive, and administrative, center of the village.
  • The Graveyard - Tended by an adept from Mother Beatrix's Abbey.
  • The Cob of Corn - A road house serving the local community and passing travellers, part of the leMaistre family holdings.
  • Mound Market - Mainly used by local traders to see their wares. There are always plenty of knitted and woollen items for sale here - alongside the game, leather, veg, eggs (etc) that you would expect to find in a local market.

The Farms

  • Mound Farm - A mixed economy farm, that runs a large flock of sheep in the local hills.
  • Village Farm - A mixed economy farm, that runs a large flock of sheep in the local hills. It is also home to a weaver's craft workshop.
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