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Liberatum, Justitum
et Prospera
Province of Brevoy
capital: Newgate
Governor: Henry leMaistre
Magistrate: Borric d'Cordain
Treasurer: Rikka de leMaistre

The following spreadsheet contains financial and technical details for the most important settlements in Midmarch.
Finance spreadsheet for Towns and Noble Estates of Midmarch (Jan23)


Midmarch Province
Oston (Small Town)
Outpost (Village)
Junction (Village)
Kunlun (Religious Center)
Wyvern Bridge (Large Town)
Westgate (Small Town)
Apple Lodge (Small Town)
Litwin Cove (village)
Vallart (Village)
Governor: Henry leMaistre
Chancellor: Rikka deleMaistre
Chief Magistrate: Sir Borric d'Cordain

The Gates
leMaistre Estates
Newgate (Large Town)
Nutbush (Small Town)
Suffield (Small Town)
Maistre House (Private Estate)
Estate Manager: Bai leMaistre-Kao
Bailiff: Tiberezi the Varisian
Steward: Jack Black

Ringbridge & Mound
Lebeda-Ondari Estates
Ringbridge (Large Town)
Mound (Small Town)
Lord: Cyrus Lebeda-Ondari
Councillor: Valoria Lebeda-Ondari
Steward: Brother Gandred
Marshal: Zauria de lin Lebeda

Vallani Estates
Whiterun (Large Town)
Feyfalls (Large Town)
Eastgate (Small Town)
Imaldis (Village)
The Vallani Canals
Lady: Safiya Vallani
Treasurer: Gaius Senas
Councillor: Aranel Romanese

Aeris Estates
New Dawn (Large Town)
Ironkeep (village)
Sootscale (Village)
Lord Marik Aeris
Treasurer: Alanna
Councillor: Darius
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