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Old Keep

The first independent March-Hold in the Southern Region is not a place for the faint-hearted, nor city dwellers, it is intended to celebrate and preserve country skills and the wilderness as best it can. The palisaded town boasts a refurbished keep that serves as Home to both Lady Zelona and her garrison. There is a temple dedicated to Gozreh, a small inn called The Green Man, a bowyer and leather worker, as well as basic civic services. The area surrounding the town provides work for the locals with sustainable logging, a forest farm and a fishing village.

Further afield, Grenal (Holy Grove, Green Faith) sits squarely on the trail between Old Keep and Tatzleford, to offers travellers a safe haven. East of town, you will find Verton (a permanent hunting camp and patrol point) and Border (patrol point).

Oldkeep exports wood, forest produce, woven baskets, animal skins and furs - all taken in a way that causes minimal impact to the surrounding wilderness. They import just about everything else.

Updated Jan 2023

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