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Old Keep

The first independent March-Hold in the Southern Region is not a place for the faint-hearted, nor city dwellers, it is intended to celebrate and preserve country skills and the wilderness as best it can. The Village boasts a Garrison (large enough to patrol the surrounding hexes) and a great shrine dedicated to Gozreh. A Holy Grove sits squarely on the trail between Old Keep and Tatzleford, which offers travellers a safe haven as well as supporting a small local community. Oldkeep's economy if based on sustainable logging and fishing.

Updated July 2021

Main Settlement

  • Oldkeep - Main Village
    • Fort
    • Great Shrine dedicated to Gozreh
    • The Bowyer (Lex) making masterwork and enchanted bows and arrows.
  • Fishton - Local Hamlet
    • Fishery (Community Hall and Public Jetty)
  • Logging Camp - (hamlet)
    • A forest friendly logging camp, moving around the area and taking trees sustainably. It is not available for development.

Managed Wilderness

  • Grenal - Wilderness stopping Place
    • A Holy Grove, dedicated to The Green Way (Maril)
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