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Military Forces in the Southern Region

During peace time, each unit goes about their duties under their respective commanders. In times of National Emergency, the following armies can be mustered.

Greater Tusk
Tusk Guard 45Light TroopsTusk Council
House Lodkova-Sud 6Light TroopsVarious
House Mordane 3Light TroopsVarious
Others 6 Light Troops
Total 60
Midmarch Guard 20Light TroopsIncludes Oston & Tatzlford
House leMaistre 11Light TroopsThe Gates
House Lebeda-Ondari 9Light TroopsGreater Ringbridge
House Aeris 6Light TroopsAeris Estates
House Vallani 3Light TroopsValani Estates
Others 4Light TroopsWSM, Iomedae, El M'Taro
Total 53
Old Keep
Old Keep Guard 2Light TroopsOld Keep
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