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Who's who in the Southern Region

The people who you might meet in the Southern Region.

House leMaistre

Lord Henry leMaistreNPC Viscount Midmarch & Baron GatesCharter Holder
Lady Bai leMaistre-KaoNPCx Viscountess Midmarch Ex-adventurer, Wife of Henry
- - Amelie Suchin de leMaistre Child (4) Daughter of Henry and Bai
Abbess Beatrix deleMaistre(NPC)Chief Priestess of Pharasma (Tusk) Blood Cousin
Pemar deleMaistre (NPC) Governor of Wyvern Bridge Blood Cousin, husband of Mia
Mia diVentus-Maistre (NPC) Treasure of Wyvern Bridge Wife of Pemar, Cousin by Marriage.
Rikka de leMaistreCohort-Cousin (Henry)Treasurer-Dominus of Midmarch & Weaponsmith Adopted Cousin & Ex-adventurer
Tib the VarisianEntourage-Cousin (Henry)Bailiff of The Gates
Master of Tibham
Adopted Cousin & Ex-adventurer
- Brother BartEntourage (Henry)Personal Clerk / House priest (Pharasma)Long term assistant
- Jack BlackEntourage (Bai)Steward for The GatesEx-Bandit

House Lebeda-Ondari

Lord Cyrus Lebeda-OndariPC AdventurerLord-Dominus of Ringbridge & Knight Commander Midmarch OrderHusband to Valoria & Ex-adventurer
Lady Valoria Lebeda-OndariNPCx Lady of Ringbridge and Keeper of the SpellbooksWife to Cyrus - Traditional Noble & Ex-adventurer
- - Leo Azar Donovan Lebeda-Ondari Child (4) Son of Cyrus and Valoria
- - Luna Bethany Lebeda-Ondari Child (0) Daughter of Cyrus and Valoria
Zauria de lin LebedaNPCx Marshal of RingbridgeSister of Valoria & Ex-adventurer
- Gandred OndariEntourage-Cousin (Cyrus)Steward of Ringbridge, Priest & Smith Dwarf, Adept of Torag, Adopted Cousin
- ZachEntourage (Cyrus)Stable master at RingbridgeEx-Bandit.
- WilburEntourage (Valoria) - Cousin to Valoria and Zauria

House Lodkova-Sud of Tusk

Lord Adoven Lodkova-SudPC AdventurerLeader of V&A Shipping & Tusk Councillor Husband of Viktoria
Lady Viktoria Lodovka-SudPC AdventurerMerchant Venturer (Tusk)Wife of Adoven
- - Marie Sylvius Lodovka-Sud Child (3) Daughter of Adoven and Vik
Robert Samuels-LodkovaEntourage-Cousin (Adoven)Principal of the Lodkova Military AcademyDuellist
- Tobias LodkovaEntourage (Adoven)Jetty-master at Ringbridge
- Brother FrugEntourage (Adoven)Chaplain of Cayden
- LolliEntourage (Vik)Nanny to Marie ex-Bandit. Longest Serving Entourage

House Solanus of Southern

Domitius Aldori-SolanusPC Adventurer Sword Lord & Businessman Husband to Alisa
Alisa Medvyed-SolanusPC Adventurer Magic Shop Owner (Tusk) Wife to Domitius
- Rufus (M) & Laetitia (F) Twins Children (0) Children of Dom and Alisa
Kiera Raincutter-SolanusPC Adventurer Owner of The Neirid's Nectar (Tusk) Adopted into House Solanus
BarbatiusSquire (Dom)Travelling Assistant Long-term friend
Hargrym SilverhammerEntourage-Ally (Dom)Dwarf Jeweller (New Dawn) Leader of Clan Silverhammer in the south
- Tic HucklebuckleEntourage (Dom)Halfling Scout
- Thaddeus RiversonEntourage (Dom)Military Chaplain (Iomedae)
- Sejana Cortellos Entourage (Alisa) Manager at Sisters of the Moon (Tusk)
- Rila Entourage (Kiera) Assistant Manager at the Nereid's Nectar (Tusk)

House Aeris

Lord-Dominus Marik AerisPC AdventurerLord New DawnVarious mineral interests in Midmarch
Gabriel Cohort (Marik) Master of Valley Ranch Married to Alanna
- AlannaEntourage (Marik)Treasurer (Aeris Estates) Half-Elf - married to Gabriel
- - Iris Child (0)Daughter to Alanna and Gabriel
Lutz StigmarEntourage-Ally (Marik)Moderator (Aeris Estates)Dwarf, local leader of Clan Stigmar
- PekWikEntourage (Marik)Trade Liasion at SootscaleKobold
- Valgard BoulderShoulderEntourage (Marik)Manager at IronkeepDwarf
- DariusEntourageCouncillor (Aeris Estates)Human

Tusk Council

Lord Cass MordanePC AdventurerLord Mayor of Tusk, Laird of SilvertonWell turned-out socialiser.
JensonCohort (Cass)Master of Silversun FarmPaladin of Erastil
- Magatha PrimroseEntourage (Cass) Mayor of Silverton Gnome
- ElkinEntourage (Cass)Chancellor of Silverton & Tavern Keeper Halfling
- Sophia Ironsky Entourage (Cass) Councillor at Silverton Half-elf
Lord Bishop Andalon de LebedaPC Adventurer Bishop of Abadar and Chancellor-Dominus of TuskCleric of Abadar
- Brother FlorinEntourage (Andalon)Priest of Abadar (Tusk)Adept of Abadar
Lady Pipre of TuskNPCxLady Advocate of Tusk and businesswomanSocial, explosive & wears revealing clothing. Player MIA
- Big JobEntourage (Pipre)Special EnvoyHalf Orc ex-bandit
Lord Kendrik WintersPC AdventurerMarshal-Dominus of Tusk and Knight Commander Businessman
- Liam RiversEntourage (Kendrick)Store manager (Ringbridge)
- MikkiEntourage (Kendrick)
- Zach MalfordEntourage (Kendrick)Store Manager (Tusk)

Vallani Estates

Laird Safiya VallaniPC AdventurerLady of Feyfalls Mistress of Swords and Sorcery
- Aranel RomaneseEntourage (Safiya) Treasurer Vallani Estates middle-aged priestess of Andoletta, half-elf.
- Gaius SenasEntourage (Safiya)Magistrate Vallani Estatesmiddle-aged, human merchant.

Other PCs

MarcelinePC AdventurerPriest of Pharasma at Silverton Undead Hunter
EthankosPC Adventurer Priest of Pharasma at Feyfalls Larger than life, pragmatic, eats well.
Maple Dosalic PC Adventurer Druid & Farmer at Apple Lodge Sister to Minia
Minia Dosalic PC Adventurer Duellist & Farmer at Apple Lodge Sister to Maple
Rana Nervetti PC Adventurer Baths owner at New Dawn
Vova PC Adventurer Rake and Ne'er do well

Player Controlled NPCs

Percy Arndell NPCp Merchant and Gentleman Poet (Tusk)Junior partner, V&A Shipping

Old Keep

Lady Zelona of Old KeepNPCxMarch-Lord of Old Keep Ex-adventurer
Felsten Entourage (Zelona) Chancellor of Old Keep Zelona's Uncle
Kyras Entourage (Zelona) Councillor of Old Keep Zelona's Partner
MarilEntourage-Ally (Zelona)Priest of the Green Half-elf adept
Lex of TuskNPCxBowyer in Old KeepEx-adventurer & Ex-bandit.

House Roth

GeddNPCpCo-Owner Dragon's Den (Tusk)Half-Orc sibling of the Roth Family
Berta RothNPCpCo-Owner Dragon's Den (Tusk)Human sibling of the Roth Family
Wyn RothNPCCo-Owner Dragon's Den (Tusk)Half-elf sibling, Husband to Winnie
Winnie RothNPCCo-Owner Dragon's Den (Tusk)Half-Elf, Wife to Wyn
- - Marayne Roth Child (0)Daughter to Wyn and Winnie
- Folfast BehonEntourage (Roths)House Musician (Dragons Den)
- Pete the PoacherEntourage (Roths)Layabout (Dragons Den)

Other NPCs

TatyanaNPCSpecial EnvoyHalf Orc Bard
Yasmin Yitis-Aldori NPC Runs House Yitis Holdings in Tusk Minor Aldori Noble from Mivon
Verna Goodbarrel NPC Leader, Hooktongue Mutual Halfling, Voice of the People
Sir Borric d'CordainNPCxChief Magistrate of MidmarchPaladin of Iomedae. Ex-Adventurer
Dame Mariam doZimmer-WolfeaterNPCxLeader of Iomedae's Mission (Tusk)Half-orc Paladin of Iomedae
Yolen the Reformed NPCManger of DELEM in TuskEx-Bandit
Helga NPC Ship's commander grumpy 1/2 Orc
Tomin Hanvaki NPC Owns rented housing in Tusk Minor Noble
Svetlana LeversonNPCGovernor of OstonHere before Midmarch, Wife to Oleg
- - Jarek Leverson Child (M,0)Son of Oleg and Svetlana
Oleg LeversonNPCTreasurer of OstonHere before Midmarch, Businessman, Husband to Svetlana
Rook SandersonNPCxGuarian of ElkwallCleric of Erastil. Ex-adventurer
Aris'ta DevoNPCxCommander, Hunter's RestMixed heritage Elf. Ex-adventurer
Ron SwansovNPCxMaster Carpenter & Priest of Torag in TuskEx-adventurer
Tansy of TuskNPCxInn Keeper (Tansy's Bar) in TuskEx-adventurer
Quentin Ragoon NPCx Owns rented housing in Newgate Ex-adventurer. Partner of Dara
Dara Ragoon NPCx Apothecary in Newgate Priestess of Sarenrae, Ex-adventurer. Partner of Quentin
- - Sara / Bradyn Child (F,3 / M,2)Children of Dara
Rose of the NorthNPCxMagic Shop Owner (Ringbridge)Ex-adventurer
Quinn M'TaroNPCxTailor (Ringbridge)Ex-adventurer & Husband to El'indre
El'indre M'Taro NPCx Mercenary Leader Wife to Quinn
Fiddler AshfootNPCxPriest of Erastil at OlstonEx-adventurer
ZorahNPCxHorse Rancher at Bar-ZDruid of the Green. Ex-adventurer
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