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Religion in the Southern Region.

You should look at The Southern Religious Council page as well.

Deities are presented according to their influence across the region. In some cases there are more than one order of priests within a faith and these are represented separately, along with the leader of that Order. In the case of some faiths, there is no clear leader.

Updated July 2021

Main Faiths

  • Abadar (Bishop Andalon) – Cathedral, Bank, Great Market (Tusk), Chapel (Newgate), Holy House (Kunlun), Great Shrine (Ringbridge)
  • Pharasma - There are three Pharasmin Orders operating across the Southern Region.
    • The Order of the Soul Spiral (Abbess Beatrix) - Abbey (Tusk), Priory (Newgate), 4xHoly House (Ringbridge, Outpost, Wyvern Bridge, Junction), Chantry (Kunlun), 6x Graveyards (Various) - Burials, Funerals, Remembrance, Midwifery
    • The Oder of Body and Soul (Brother Ethankos) – Friary (Feyfalls), Shrine+Eating House (Kunlun) - Philosophy: Life is part of the circle - make sure you live it.
    • Militant Order (Sister Marceline) – Mission (Silverton) - Hunting Undead
  • Erastil - There are three Priests of Erastil, with slightly different ideas of how to best serve Old Deadeye. While they take slightly separate paths, there is very little difference between them.
    • (Brother Fiddler) – Chapel (Oston), 5x Great Shrine (Kunlun, Outpost, Bar-Z, Estig, Apple Lodge) - Supporting (and enabling trade between) Rural Communities.
    • (Sister Laticia) – Chapel (Tatzlford), Holy Grove (Deadeye) - Localized and Nature oriented
    • (Rook Sanderson) - Holy Grove (Elkwall) - Supporting hunters and celebrating the forest.

Secondary Faiths

  • Torag - Patron of Dwarves, Metalworkers and Craftsmen everywhere.
    • (Brother Lutz) – Chapel New Dawn), Holy House (Iron Keep & Newdawn Mine) - Dwarf Community and metal working.
    • (others) – Holy House (Ringbridge); Shrine (Tusk) - Independents focusing on crafts
  • Iomedae - Patron of Paladins, Knights and Warriors.
    • (Dame Mariam) – Mission (Tusk), Shrine (Kunlun)
    • (Lord Kendrick) - Military College (The Roost)

Other Deities

  • Cayden (others) – Holy House (Tusk), Shrine (Kunlun), Shrine (New Dawn)
  • Acavna (Sister Alisa) – Great Shrine (Kunlun)
  • Gozreh (Zelona)- Great Shrine (Oldkeep)
  • The Green (Maril) - Holy Grove (Grenal)
  • Sarenrae (Dara Alot) - Shrine (Newgate), (Jensen the Paladin) Resident (Silverton)
  • Andoletta – (Aranel Romanese) - Holy House (Whiterun)
  • Yuedral – (other) - Great Shrine (Whiterun)
  • Jalaijatali - (other) - Shrine (Feyfalls),
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