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Religion in the Southern Region.

You should look at The Southern Religious Council page as well.

Deities are presented according to their influence across the region. In some cases there are more than one order of priests within a faith and these are represented separately, along with the leader of that Order. In the case of some faiths, there is no clear leader.

Main Faiths

  • Abadar (Bishop Andalon) – Cathedral (Tusk), 3x Great Shrine (Kunlun, Ringbridge, Newgate)
  • -
  • Pharasma (Abbess Beatrix) - Abbey (Tusk), Priory (Newgate), Holy House (Ringbridge), 5x Graveyards (Various) - Burials and Eternal Sleep
  • Pharasma (Sister Marceline) – Mission (Silverton) - Hunting Undead
  • Pharasma (Brother Ethankos) – Holy House (Feyfalls), Shrine (Kunlun) - Body and soul
  • -
  • Erastil (Brother Fiddler) – Chapel (Oston), Holy Grove (Elkwall), Great Shrine (Bar-Z), Shrine (Outpost) - Small Communities
  • Erastil (Sister Laticia) – Chapel (Tatzlford), Great Shrine (Tatzlford) - Nature Oriented
  • -
  • Torag (Brother Lutz) – Holy House (Iron Keep), 2x Great Shrine (Both Newgate) - Dwarf Community and metals
  • Torag (others) – Holy House (Ringbridge), Shrine (Tusk) - Independents focusing on crafts
  • -
  • Iomedae (Dame Mariam) – Mission (Tusk), Shrine (Kunlun)

Other Deities

  • Cayden (others) – Holy House (tusk), Shrine (New Dawn)
  • Andoletta – (Aranel Romanese) - Holy House (Whiterun)
  • Yuelral – (other) - Holy House (Whiterun)
  • Acavna (Sister Alisa) – Great Shrine (Kunlun)
  • Gozreh (Zelona)- Great Shrine (Oldkeep)
  • The Green (Maril) - Great Shrine (Grenal)
  • Sarenrae (Dara Alot) - Herbalist (Newgate)
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