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While most people have simple, perhaps even rustic, clothes and furniture - the well-to-do, aspire to better quality items - and adventurers, of course, have an insatiable appetite for items of a magical nature. You can get just about anything, if you can afford it, by ordering it from Mivon, Restov or New Stetven - but that takes time, and some items can take months to arrive. However, if you know where to look, there are many high quality offerings in Southern Region.

All mundane and Masterwork Items are available in Tusk/Midmarch at book prices. Most Minor magic items are available, either from local suppliers, or by ordering them in. If you buy them from the local shops, you get them much more quickly - and the descriptions below give you some details of SOME OF the local suppliers of Magical Items, and how they specialize.

  • Findas’s Exotic Carpenter of Oston - Makes some of the best quality furniture in the Southern Region and specialises in Magical Baths that fill and heat themselves - however he also supplies a few other (primarily wooden) magic items.
  • Quinn, the Tailor of Ringbridge - Is probably best known for Courtier and Noble clothes - however he can also supply magical master work or Magical Cloaks, Tunics and other items of clothing.
  • Solanus Stonemasons, in Ringbridge - Perhaps best known for their Fire Stones, although they can create a number of other magical items, and are definitely the people to see what you want stone dragon's heads for your gate posts, a coat of arms to go over the door, or even a marker stone.
  • The Solanus Wainwright - based in Ringbridge, the Wainwright can make everything from farm carts through to carriages of distinction, but is best known for its Horseless Carriages.
  • Gandred’s Smithy in Ringbridge - Renowned for its fancy iron gates, railings and banisters, it also produces a number of special items, such as magical Horseshoes and similar items.
  • -
  • Rikka’s in Tusk - Top quality Weaponeer and Armourer, able to enchant to +2. Also manufactures other items associated with weapons or armour.
  • Lex Bowyer, Old Keep - bespoke and customised bows, able to enchant to +1. Magical and specialist arrows.
  • Torag's House in Ringbridge - Specialising in metal weapons and armour, able to enchant to +1.
  • Torag's House in New Dawn - Specialising in metal weapons and armour, able to enchant to +1.
  • -
  • Sisters of the Moon - supplying magical items, equipment, magical services. Specialises in single use items, such as feathers, dusts and unguents- often with a Lunar theme.
  • Rose’s in Ringbridge - supplying magical items, equipment, magical services. Specialises in items that enhance a user's ability to cast spells.
  • Safiya’s Exotics - Bespoke and commissioned items, with some general magic sales.
  • Lady Pipre’s Alchemy - located in Tusk, produces Alchemical items and potions.
  • The Swamp Witch - Elga Verniex, resides outside Reedham, and can manufacture constructs.
  • -
  • The Bardic College, Ringbridge - makes some of the best musical instruments in town.
  • The Magic College, New Dawn - Specialises in Scrolls and other paper based magical items.
  • V&A Luxury Store, Tusk - Has a selection of imported magical items, as well as some produced locally.

On the up, and making MW items at will.

  • Umberweed the Herbalist - based in Ringbridge, Umberweed can supply a number of medicines, lotions and pills.
  • Veeliker the Taxidermist - based in Ringbridge, Veeliker can help with trophies or preserving pets that have passed on.
  • The Boatyard - The Lodkova Boatyard in Tusk can make all sorts of river and lake vessels.
  • Ron's Woodworking in Cheapside, Tusk.

Other traders - not at the MW stage yet.

  • Herbalists in Ringbridge and Newgate.
  • There is a Tannery in Apple Lodge
  • Leverton Rope Walk in Oston
  • Saddler at Bar-Z ranch
  • Ironhand Smithy at Tatzleford
  • Jensen's Apothecary in Silverton
  • Silverhammer Jewellers in New Dawn
  • Lex’s Leatherworks in Port Henry, Tusk.
  • Tansy's Coopers in Cheapside, Tusk.
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