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The Southern Region


The Southern Regional Federation is the group of Brevic Colonies to the south of Rostland. Initially a part of single state sponsored expansion, a series of political moves, by the great Noble Houses, split them into three separate territories. However, they have agreed to work together so that they can all prosper. The federated states are:-

  • Midmarch - The original settlement in the region - now a rural province with market towns and wilderness areas.
  • Tusk - An independent city and the region's commercial capital.
  • Old Keep - A brand-new wilderness holding that is still to find its feet.

Military Analysis

Regional Organizations

The Three Commonalities operate at the regional level, and help co-ordinate activities between the federated states.

  • Southern Law: based on the Lex Gasgana and modified by common consent, Southern Law holds across the whole federated region, and can be enforced across borders.
  • The Southern Chapter: A combines Chapter of the Brevic Knights, charged with defending the region and supporting regional law. Its headquarters are in Tusk. Just about everyone, with any status, is a member of some sort.
  • The Southern Religious Forum: Meetings are open to all priests and religious representatives from across the region. It makes recommendations of religious matters, and has its headquarters at Kunlun in Midmarch.

Social and Economic

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