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Tusk City Charter

Issued by the Tusk Council

Tusk Council

  • Tusk Council shall consist of three posts Lord Mayor, Chancellor-Dominus and Councillor Dominus. They will have the right to appoint a Marshal-Dominus and a Moderator-Dominus as advisors – at their discretion.
  • Appointments will be made for life – except in the following circumstances.
    • Council members may be recalled by the Tusk Forum, with a simple majority.
    • Conflict of interest. A member of the Council shall be deemed to have resigned, if they take a similar role in another domain (such as a March Hold, Lairdship or Lordship)
  • When a vacancy arises on the council, the Tusk Forum will make a new appointment from among the Lords and Lairds of Tusk. The candidate must achieve simple majority approval from Tusk Forum. If there is no majority (50%+), the candidate with the least support will drop out and there will be a second vote.
  • The Tusk Forum will consist of the Lords, Lairds and Burghers of Tusk.

Tusk Forum

  • The Lord Mayor of Tusk - Cass Mordane
  • The Chancellor-Dominus - Andalon deLebeda
  • The Councillor-Dominus - Pipre
  • The Marshal-Dominus - Kedrick Winters

Plus the following (if they are not already a member of the council)

Lords (Any person who holds and honorary or substantive title associated with Tusk)
Formal Titles and heads of major institutions

  • The Lord-Bishop of Tusk Cathedral (Andalon deLebeda)
  • Lord Adoven of Tusk (Adoven)

Lairds (Any person who formally owns a village, or equivalent organisation associated with Tusk)
(Lairds and heads of lesser institutions

  • The Abbess of Pharasma’s Abbey in Tusk - Mother Beatrix
  • The Head of Iomedae’s Mission in Tusk - Dame Mariam doZima-Wolfeater
  • The Laird of Silverton - Cass Mordane)
  • V&A Shipping (City Base) – Vik d’Lodkova

Burgher (Any person or organisation with a commitment to Tusk)

  • House Roth (5bp Investment) – Berta Roth
  • House le Maistre (Fully developed Hamlet) – Bai LeMaistre-Kao
  • DELEM Trading (Town Base) - Pemar deleMaistre

Terms and Guidance

  • Formal titles are held by a named individual, and that individual is a member of the Forum.
  • Land is held by a named individual, and that individual is a member of the Forum.
  • Institutions are owned collectively, and the head of the institution (or their nominee) is a member of the forum.
  • Forum Membership cannot be held by proxy.
  • No Organization or Merchant House will have more than one representative in the forum at any one time.
  • Organization or Merchant House membership is not vacated if the incumbent is appointed to the council.
  • One vote per forum member.
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