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The Stolen Land Game

The Southern Region

The Southern Regional Federation is the group of Brevic Colonies to the south of Rostland. Initially a part of single state sponsored expansion, a series of political moves, by the great Noble Houses, split them into three separate territories. However, they have agreed to work together so that they can all prosper.

Southern Region - The main playing area for the game with details on Midmarch, Tusk and Old Keep

Social & Cultural

These pages detail the social, cultural and political situation across Brevoy as a whole - including The Southern Region. They aren't complete, but they give an overview of many things - from the history of the area, through to the clothes that the Aristocracy wear for court events.

  • Demographics - the races and people of Brevoy.
  • Titles - Brevoy's Nobles, Chivalric, Military and Administrative ranks - and how they fit together.
  • Patents & Charters - Copies of some documents that define responsibilities in Brevoy.
  • Military Orders - Duelling Traditions, Cavalier Orders, Chivalric Orders, Regional Orders - you will find them all here.
  • Formal Clothing - What to wear to balls, posh events or at court.
  • Time Line - How the history of Brevoy fits with the rest of the world.
  • Education and Training - An overview of the way that children turn into skilled adults.
  • Influence in Brevoy - The Great Houses and others who influence things in Brevoy and the Colonies.
  • Politics Brevoy - The Great Houses and others who influence things in Brevoy and the Colonies.
  • Duelling - the basic rules that everyone understands and takes for granted.
  • The Aldori - Master swordsmen of Rostland, East Brevoy and Mivon.

The Colonies

The newly settled lands south of Brevoy. While Midmarch, Tusk and Old Keep work together as a central block - Varnhold (to the East) and Fort Drelev (to the West) operate independently. However, all the colonies have a similar objective of protecting the Brevoy's borders and trade routes.

  • The Southern Region - A formal association of colonies south of Brevy.
    • Midmarch - Viscount Henry leMaistre's lands, south of the Rostland Plains.
    • Tusk - City state south of Midmarch.
    • Old Keep - March Lord Zelona Veralia's holdings in the Narlmarch Forest.
    • Sunsmarch - March Lord Domitious Aldori-Solanus's holdings South of Restov.
  • -
  • Fort Drelev - Baron Drelev's holdings on Hooktongue Lake.


How the region might have looked before Choral the Conqueror came along and forced the creation of Brevoy

  Brevoy is the sponsor nation for all the colonies and new provinces.

The King Regent's Charter - After the civil war was averted, by the intevention of the great lords, The King-Regent was forced to accept limits to his powers.

Brevoy Breakdown by size

Further Abroad

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