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The Stolen Land Game

The Southern Region

The Southern Regional Federation is the group of Brevic Colonies to the south of Rostland. Initially a part of single state sponsored expansion, a series of political moves, by the great Noble Houses, split them into three separate territories. However, they have agreed to work together so that they can all prosper.

Southern Region - The main playing area for the game with details on Midmarch, Tusk and Old Keep

Social & Cultural

These pages detail the social, cultural and political situation across Brevoy as a whole - including The Southern Region. They aren't complete, but they give an overview of many things - from the history of the area, through to the clothes that the Aristocracy wear for court events.

  • Demographics - the races and people of Brevoy.
  • Titles - Brevoy's Nobles, Chivalric, Military and Administrative ranks - and how they fit together.
  • Patents & Charters - Copies of some documents that define responsibilities in Brevoy.
  • Military Orders - Duelling Traditions, Cavalier Orders, Chivalric Orders, Regional Orders - you will find them all here.
  • Formal Clothing - What to wear to balls, posh events or at court.
  • Time Line - How the history of Brevoy fits with the rest of the world.
  • Education and Training - An overview of the way that children turn into skilled adults.
  • Trade Routes - How goods move between the various parts of Brevoy and the outside world. And who controls which route.
  • Influence in Brevoy - The Great Houses and others who influence things in Brevoy and the Colonies.
  • Politics Brevoy - The Great Houses and others who influence things in Brevoy and the Colonies.
  • Duelling - the basic rules that everyone understands and takes for granted.
  • The Aldori - Master swordsmen of Rostland, East Brevoy and Mivon.

The Colonies

The newly settled lands south of Brevoy. While Midmarch, Tusk and Old Keep work together as a central block - Varnhold (to the East) and Fort Drelev (to the West) operate independently. However, all the colonies have a similar objective of protecting the Brevoy's borders and trade routes.

  • The Southern Region - A formal association of colonies south of Brevy.
    • Midmarch - Viscount Henry leMaistre's lands, south of the Rostland Plains.
    • Tusk - City state south of Midmarch.
    • Old Keep - March Lord Zelona Veralia's holdings in the Narlmarch Forest.
  • -
  • Fort Drelev - Baron Drelev's holdings on Hooktongue Lake.
  • Varnhold - March Lord Maegar Varn's holdings South of Restov.


  Brevoy is the sponsor nation for all the colonies and new provinces.

The King Regent's Charter - After the civil war was averted, by the intevention of the great lords, The King-Regent was forced to accept limits to his powers.

Further Abroad

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