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JohnB's Games

This site is the hub for the games material I have written over the years. I wrote the first pages of my games site in 2000, and I haven't stopped since. I still have an archive of pre-2000 material on paper …

Current Games

The Stolen Land - A Kingmaker variant at RPoL

The Birthday Game - Set in the frontier barony of Berhof, this table top game takes place once a year over the weekend of my wife's birthday - and is my birthday present to her. Our players arrive on Friday night and we play through until Sunday lunchtime, as we pretend that we are all young again.

House Rules

Pathfinder - The collection of house rules, social settings and house interpretations for games I run.

Traveller Classic Traveller - from the old days :)

Game Worlds

Game Settings - RP worlds and settings that have been used to host various games.

JohnB's New Setting - When I get bored I build game worlds ….

Other Stuff

Neverwinter Nights

Game Systems - Over the years I have tried to write my own game systems - some we played, some didn't get past the first draft.

Miscellaneous - all the other games stuff I have worked on - including languages, gambling games, NWN Worlds and other such things.

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