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Standard Buildings.

Over the years I have developed all sorts of building plans, mainly as homes for PCs or NPCs. This is just a few of them.

Simple Homes - Homes for the commoners and NPC classes that make up the bulk of the population. It includes Huts, Cottages, Craft Workshops for the countryside, as well as the tenements, apartments and shops that you would find in an Urban setting.

Homes for the Wealthy - Homes for the middle classes right through to aristocrats. Houses, mansions and even a Noble Estate.

Defended Homes - These buildings generally serve as home for Aristocrats, and their barrack rooms generally hold private House Guards. Their main function is to guard the home and act as personal guards, however, if the local lord is responsible for a village or local community, they probably provide basic protection there as well. In some cases they might be the home / command of a Military Officer, in which case the troops may be part of a larger military establishment.

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