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Skull & Shackles

or pirates around my dining room table - the Skull & Shackles AP for Pathfinder 1

The Overall Objectives

Fishgut Kroops Advice

The Party


  • General Location - A series of links to the Pathfinder Wiki, to help you understand the general location of The Shackles.
  • Full map of The Shackles - Downloadable map of The Shackles.
  • The Shackles - The main playing area.
  • Rickety’s Squibs - A remote village, famed for modifying ships.
  • Bloodcove - a Pirate city where you can sell ships and plunder.
  • Crown's End a small town that welcome pirates.
  • Senghor - a deep water port to the south, where you can sell ships and plunder. They do not tolerate the slave trade.
  • Port Peril - The de facto capital of The Shackles - but dangerous, if you aren't a free Captain.

You need a deep water port to sell ships, but any port to 'sell' plunder. The larger the town/city - the more money you get.


Sailing Ship

  • Ship Statistics - an overview of the various ships that you might meet during this campaign. They are designed for use in Ship to Ship combat (which we won't be using until later in the campaign, but they also give you an overview of each type of vessel.
  • Ship Modifications - Ships can be modified, if you can afford it.


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