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Game Settings

Over the years I have run many games in many different settings. This page links to game settings that are available on line. Described as settings because some of these settings have hosted more than one game.

Current Settings

The Stolen Land

The Birthday Game - Set in the frontier barony of Berhof, this table top game takes place once a year over the weekend of my wife's birthday - and is my birthday present to her. Our players arrive on Friday night and we play through until Sunday lunchtime, as we pretend that we are all young again.

Old Settings


Curse of the Crimson Throne - This site was home to a Table Top game based on The Curse of the Crimson Throne AP from Paizo. Unfortunately the game group ended in the middle of the AP, when one of the players dropped out due to other commitments, another moved to serious shift work and a third was expecting to head off to university.

New Haven - Our Table Top Kingmaker campaign. I ran for about two years on Saturday evenings. The guys built a great Kingdom and I had a lot of fun building their new country around them. It sowed the seeds of the The stolen Lands on RPoL.

Greater Hann - This was my AD&D world. Parts of it were written using 1e rules and other parts using 2e rules, and it has hosted quite a few games over many years. It has always been a favourite of mine. However, it is a very old site and some of the external links won't work properly any more.

The Galinia game - Originally part of the Greater Hann pages, I managed to break the link to these pages when I set up my Blog.

D&D 3e

The Duchy of Falmar concentrated on the border area of a loosely knit federation of states. It was home to Weekenders, the first of my games where I got some of the players to run NPCs for me, and it was the first game that we experiments with NPC Classes and very young characters. I wrote my first set of 'growing up' guidelines for this game.

Urgon was one of my first forays into wikification, and describes the area around Falmar. The Trident game had the characters travel across Urgon, through Falmar, and up into the mountains in search of an artefact.


Motmos My games area in the Traveller Universe. To be honest, I was not the best of Sci FI GMs and I struggled with this game. However, I think I know why I struggled now, and maybe one day, I will have another crack at it.

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