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Noble Count Is the prince of all Finaroka
Noble Viscount Rules a single island
Noble Baron Rules a town or city with defence 15 or greater The title goes with the town - If you sell the town, you sell the title as well.
Aristocrat Lord - -
Aristocrat Dominus - -
Aristocrat Nobile 3 BP - investment. If the 3 BP is lost, so is the status. It doesn't matter how you get the 3 bp - investment, inherit or purchase.
Other Officer


The Finaroka flag, is a wide yellow central band with narrower blue bands above and below. It is said to represent a Golden opportunity between the sea and the sky. The Soanan's bright red Symbol sits proudly in the middle of the central bar.

Coats of arms - should have three equally spaced bands of Blue/Yellow/Blue as the base colours of the shield,

The Prince's personal arms include a blue crown in the middle of the yellow band, instead of the Three in One, which indicates that he is the Prince of Finaroka.

Personal arms for Nobles must have the same blue and yellow background- and should include their family emblem / s

Arms for military units etc - tend to use the upper and lower sections for differentiation. The first company of the prince's guard might have a single golden ball in the upper part of the shield (and the crown in the central section). The third company has three balls etc.

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