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JohnB's Games

This site is the hub for the games material I have written over the years. I wrote the first pages of my games site in 2000, and I haven't stopped since. I still have an archive of pre-2000 material on paper …

The Legendarium - containing songs, stories and legends written for games, including work by other family members and players.

Current Games

The Stolen Land - A Kingmaker variant at RPoL

The Birthday Game - This table-top game takes place once a year, over the weekend of my wife's birthday, and is my present to her. Our players arrive on Friday night, and we play through until Sunday lunchtime - as we pretend that we are all young again.

Skull & Shackles - my weekly Table Top game.


A directory of characters that I play, or have played in the past.


Campaign System - Strongholds, Towns, Businesses, Churches and Entourages - all the things that can support a long-running FRP game. Written for a Pathfinder game, they should work in most others systems as well.

Deities - A pantheon of minor deities, that often appear in my games. Most are very minor deities, but they give the world a bit of extra flavour.

Pathfinder - The collection of house rules, social settings and house interpretations for games I run.

Traveller Classic Traveller - from the old days :)

Classless - A project to work a set of rules for a game, based on D&D, that didn't usecharacter classes.

Game Worlds

Old Game Settings - RP worlds and settings that have been used to host various games.

Early attempts at organising the world

The Hann Empire - home of my consolidated game world.

Colonization Game

Other Stuff

standard_buildings - floor plans for various buildings. They were built for D&D or Pathfinder games - but they should work for most fantasy worlds.

Neverwinter Nights - I worked on a few NWN worlds, most of these never quite got off the ground. I was a developer on Champions of Vidor for quite a while, but that had a bespoke development area on a server that doesn't exist any more. - this was pretty much a solo effort that stayed online for a few months - before NWN2 was released.

My old game site - all sorts of games and rules are linked from here. many of them have been tweaked and rewritten as part of my campaign system.
Old Stuff - This is an even earlier game site!

Miscellaneous - all the other games stuff I have worked on - including languages, gambling games and other such things.

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